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The GTP Race Admins are looking for two or three very dedicated and fair individuals who can help host a monthly Official GTPlanet Online Race Event.

These stewards need to be familiar not just with how the online race lobbies operate, but also with the standards to which WRS is run and most importantly how to uphold the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules And Guidelines.

Anyone can apply, so long as you are available at the following times:

10am and 4pm (PST/GMT-8) on the first Saturday of each month, starting on March 12th 2011.

I will be hosting the first meeting time at 10am(GMT-8), we are hoping to find members who can fill in for a 12PM(GMT-8), 2PM(GMT-8) and possibly 4PM(GMT-8).

You don't need to participate in the race, just keep a watchful eye and uphold the OLR Rules. In fact, we don't anticipate the stewards racing often since the lobby is restricted to 16 drivers, we don't want it to seem like the stewards get any unfair/extra seat time.

We are looking at a time commitment of just a couple hours per month for at least the next 3 months at this time. We would prefer if you have a headset or keyboard to use for communication, just to make things smoother.

If you are familiar with the WRS and want to lend a hand and take part in the newest WRS addition, now's your chance!

Send a private message to Jump_Ace if you are interested in becoming an Online Race Steward.

Please title your PM with 'GTP OLR Race Steward'. And brief me on what GTPlanet events you've participated in before (WRS, organizing other race events, etc.)

Update: I have assembled three other Stewards, so we are set for the time being. That said, I would like to find an alternate Steward who lives in Europe.

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