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This will be a new home for any guides or information related to WRS activities that are not specifically covered in other threads or are not covered in as much detail. We welcome any suggestions for additional content but would ask that you make those requests or pass any comments related to this resource in our GTP Pit Box

Finding, Viewing and Verifying Replays

The following provides guides and tips on what to look for when reviewing replays and how to post the outcome of your review in the results thread.

Finding Replays:
To find replays there are two methods available; via the Polyphony Digital GTSport web site or via the in game options. Both are described below

Web Site Search:
If you clicked the above link then this will take you to a GB version of the site and you may need to sign in using your normal PSN ID (referred to as your SEN account). You can switch to an alternate language version of the site by clicking on the flag icon in the top right corner of the page. To get to the replays click the "Community" option. This will take you to a further page with your activity feed and some options at the top of the page, select the "Discover" option.

You will now see a page with various items available, scrolling to the bottom of the page you will find replays and at the far right of the row of replays you will find a "View All" option, click this to take you to a further page listing the most recent replays uploaded and at the right of the first row of replays you will find a "search" option. Click this and a pop up box will appear as follows

GTSport Replay Search Box.png

In the search tag enter the common format search tag that is used for each Time trial. The format will be gtpwrsxxx where xxx = the week number for the time trial for example gtpwrs020. Then at the foot of the box ensure that you have the "search by date" option selected then press the search button. This will return all of the replays with that tag.

An alternate method is to ignore the tag and select the appropriate values in each of the drop down boxes. This can be a better option to find replays where keying errors in the tag name were submitted or the tag was not entered correctly you will however find replays from non WRS members using this method.

Once you have completed the search you should be presented with multiple replays and now you can scan the available replays and for each one that needs to be verified you can click on the image and take the option to "add to collection", do this until you have added each replay that you want to view then go to your PS4 to perform the reviews (see In Game Search below).

In Game Search:
From the default screen there are options listed on the left hand side. Click on the magnifying glass icon ("Discover) and this will take you to a page where you can select what type of item you want to search for. Select replays from the list at the left of the screen then when the list loads take the top right option to search. This will display a search box similar to that used in the web page except you can use up to three tags but again only use the main gtpwrsxxx tag as folks tend to put all manner of items in the others. You can also just use the drop down selection boxes instead of the tags with the same caution as described for the web search.

Once you entered the search arguments click the search button at the bottom and you will get a page of replays that match the search criteria and we recommend going through the list clicking on each and adding to your collection then going back to the list and repeat until you have added all of the replays you wish to view.

Note that you have the option to search for older content in the left margin and you will also see a count of the number of replays found that match your search argument.

If you decide not to add to your collection you can start a playback directly by clicking on any listed replay and taking the play option at the bottom right.

To play replays where you have added them to your collection go back to the default screen in game and this time take the My Library option from the left hand menu. Then select the replays option also on the left and you will see your own replays with a tab at the top of the screen labelled "collection" go to this tab and all of the replays you added will be listed. You can now replay them as normal.

Updating Replays:
Once you have reviewed a replay please always leave a comment to indicate that you have viewed the replay. This will make it easier for others who are also doing reviews to see the replays that have already been completed and a short comment is always a good idea as that also lets the submitter know their replay has been verified.

Verifying Replays:
When watching the replays the things to check are;

a) Correct track
b) Correct car
c) Correct tyres
d) Allowable driver aids
e) Driving within track limits - refer to the TT opening post
f) The final lap time matches the time that was submitted
g) Check the car does not contradict the tuning rules for the TT​

So breaking these steps down get a),b),c) & d) out of the way almost as soon as the replay starts and you'll need to do some set-up to get the info so, pause the replay and click the option cog ( at bottom right) of screen. This will pop up a window and one of the options is "Display Race Info", click this and another box will pop up, click the "Display All" option. To toggle between the replay controls and the race information press the circle button. The screen print below shows where key information is on the race information view and highlights countersteering assist which is always prohibited

Gran Turismo™SPORT_20180411083523.jpg

e) & f) is just a case of watching the replay from start to finish to ensure that the car does not exceed track limits or hit any barriers (always refer to the Time Trial opening post for any special conditions that may apply to the review). The final lap time should come up at the end of the lap, pause the replay or write it down and compare the displayed time to the submitted time as listed in the results thread.

To help with the replay controls the following might help

Replay Controls.jpg

(1) Change the camera using up down button on D-pad
(2) Wind back to the start of the replay
(3) Go back 10 seconds
(4) Play/Pause
(5) Go forward 10 seconds
(6) Go forward one frame at a time ( replay must be in pause mode for this to work)
(7) Save replay (this option only appears during an in race replay and will not show when you review someone else's replay)
(8) Take a picture
(9) Review splits
(10) Replay options - this is what you use to set the display race information​

g - Is much harder to accomplish but there are some clues that you can use. Find a replay that you trust to get terminal speeds at key points around the track. For example start/finish line and then at various points around the track where you can reliably compare. Noise can also be a clue in a non tuning week. If a custom gearbox is being used the cross cut racing gears whine more. Bottom line, identifying the car spec is hard and if you have any doubt whatsoever then always send a PM to any of the admin staff.

In fact the golden rule is if you have any doubt about any aspect of a replay send a PM to the admin staff and let them sort it out.

Posting your Results:
We have 3 flags available to indicate the outcome of a review, Green, Red and Black and they should be used as follows

Green - The lap meets with all of the requirements indicated in the Time Trial opening post and fully complies with track limits, tuning restrictions etc

Red - The replay shows contact with a barrier or the car has exceeded track limits, the car does not meet specifications or the replay shows incorrect car or/and track. This flag will also be issued if disallowed driving aids are used.

Black - The replay does not display a complete lap or/and does not display the lap time at the end. No replay is submitted. Replay shows a lap time that does not match the submitted time

When you post the results in the thread related to the replay you have reviewed there are a couple of things to note:-

i. The name you type must match the name in the leaderboard which is the PSN ID and not the GTP user name
ii. The name must not be preceded with an :@: symbol
iii. the name must be followed by a space then the flag
iv. You can add comments after the flag but leave a space

For example:

- Nice lap

To get the flag the easiest way is on PC, go to the flag images in the opening post of the results thread right click on the flag image and take the copy image option then simply paste after the name in your post. For those on phones and tablets the copy paste option can sometimes be problematic so an alternate method is to use one of the following flag URL's


You will need to use these URL's in conjunction with the "Image" option of the forum editor i.e. paste the URL into the pop up box.
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