GTP_WRS Online : Week 140 Online Races - Psukuba

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    Online Race based on GTS Week 140 Time Trial


    :: Only Open to Qualified GTP_Registered Members ::

    :: Members are not obligated to take part ::

    Saturday August 1, 2020

    Worldwide Weekend Time Slot

    3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific / 19:00 GMT / Check Local

    Thursday August 6, 2020

    European Time Slot

    3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific / 19:00 GMT / Check Local

    North American Time Slot

    9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific / 1:00 AM GMT / Check Local

    Porsche 997 @ Tsukuba

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    This WRS-Online event is open to GTP_WRS Registered members only. If you are not currently on the registry, join now by following the GTP_WRS Registration!

    If you are a registered member, please just post in this thread with your PSN listed, and let us know the event(s) you would like to participate in.

    If you are unsure of whether you can make a specific event, we can list you as Provisional. As provisional, we will prioritize confirmed drivers on raceday, until 15 minutes before race start.

    Drivers who do not arrive in the lobby at least 15 minutes before the race, and have not given any advance notice, will risk having their spot go to provisional drivers who arrive at least 15 minutes prior.

    Delaying or Restarting Race Start

    Once the race countdown timer has started, the race will only be restarted in these cases:

    • Multiple drivers report a black screen/hang, instead of the 3-2-1 countdown.
    • Drivers get stuck on grid (We will restart once for this).
    • One or more drivers get disconnected before race-pace has begun ("GO" for grid-starts, end of formation lap for rolling starts).
    • Steward realizes there is a condition that would lead to an unfair or poor race experience.
    Once the race countdown timer has started, the race will explicitly NOT be restarted for:

    • Latecomers, even if you've registered
    • Driver realizes he picked the wrong car parts (ie, tires) or driving options (ie, Auto tranny)

    WW - 8/1
    1. GTP_EDK
    2. GTP_Roamer
    3. GTP_Pokey
    4. philtaylor17
    5. oink83
    6. DrSpyderPig
    7. GTP_RikWrx (p)
    EU - 8/6
    1. TripleN81
    2. Hobie199
    3. GTP_RikWrx (p)
    NA - 8/6
    1. GTP_EDK
    2. GTP_Roamer2629
    3. GTP_Gooners_17
    4. DrSpyderPig (p)
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    Basic Settings
    • Room Mode: PR = Practice, Race
    • Room Title: GTP_WRS Members Only

    Room Settings
    • Room Type: Race for Real
    • Fixed Room Host: No
    • Max Number of Participants: 16 per lounge

    Course Settings
    • Course: Psukuba
    • No. of Laps: 47
    • Time: Fine Weather
    • Time Progression: N/A

    Qualification Procedures
    • Type: Live Online Single Stint - No pits
    • Length: Single out-lap and 2 timed hot-laps.
    • Groups: Group qualifying will be used if the grid size is large enough to warrant in order to avoid traffic during qualification.
    • Notes: Drivers not in the lounge by the time the first driver has entered the track after reset will not be allowed to qualify. They are welcome to join the race, but will start at the back of the grid. If we are running multiple qualification groups and the driver enters before the last group has entered track an exception will be made.

    Race Settings
    • Start Type: Grid Start With False Start Check
    • Grid Order: Fastest First (first race), reverse grid (follow up races)
    • Boost: No
    • Penalty: None
    • Flag Rules: On
    • Tire Wear: 8x
    • Fuel Depletion: 5x
    • Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
    • Minimum Number of Pit Stops: 0
    • Require Tire Type Change: Off
    • Race Finish Delay: 180 sec
    • Ghosting: OFF
    • Visible Damage: On
    • Mechanical Damage: Light
    • Slipstream Strength: Real

    Car Selection Method
    • Car Selection Method: Garage
    • Car Filters: None
    • BOP: Off
    • Make: Porsche
    • Model: 911 GT3 '09 (997)
    • Max Power Limit: 428 hp (Stock)
    • Minimum Weight: 3,075 lbs / 1,395 kg (stock)
    • Tires: Sports Medium
    • Vehicle Tuning: Tuning Prohibited: Power and weight are to be stock.
    • Custom Paint, Wheels, Number: Allowed
    • Brake Balance Adjustment: Allowed

    Limit Driving Options
    • Countersteer Assist: Prohibited
    • Driving assist: Prohibited
    • Active Stability Management (ASM): Prohibited
    • Driving Line/cones/markers: Available / Optional
    • Traction Control: Available / Optional
    • ABS: Available / Optional
    • Handbrake : Prohibited

    • After the qualification time is complete a steward will record the results.
    • The system will place all drivers on the grid and begin the countdown timer.
    • Be cautious and courteous in the first turn. Dive bombing will be penalized and will not be tolerated.
    Track Boundary Guidelines

    Drivers are expected to do their best to stay within track boundaries per the OLR. Mistakes happens over the course of a long race and the random off or two will be overlooked in most instances, but if a pattern of boundary abuse is observed penalties will be handed out which include 15 seconds for a "minor" pattern of abuse, 30 seconds for a "substantial" pattern of abuse, and a DQ for "complete disregard" of track boundaries. In cases where penalties may not impact the driver (e.g. DC), the penalty may be carried over to the next event and may be applied as a 5 (minor) or 10 (major) grid spot penalty.

    It's up to the admins' discretion exactly what qualifies as "minor", "substantial" or "complete disregard". Going outside the rumble by a centimeter isn't as serious as a car length wide excursions into the run off area. Factors such as dirty air and traffic also come into play. If you find yourself going wide then the next lap you're expected to slow down a bit more to make sure you stay within boundaries. If you make the same mistake multiple times and you want to avoid a penalty you can always self-penalize during the race by lifting for a very brief period upon returning to the track. Continuing to hammer the throttle after repeated boundary overruns may very well end with a post race penalty.

    General Guidelines:
    • Contact with walls should be avoided. Wall riding/bouncing to gain time will be penalized and/or can result in disqualification. This includes pit entry/exit.
    • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
    • Runoff areas are not part of the track.
    • If you overrun boundaries by accident, lift momentarily to make sure you don't gain any advantage.
    • Do not complete a pass that was made possible by going outside track boundaries.
    Track Specific Guidelines:
    • Same track limits as the Time Trial.

    Standard Clean OLR Rules Apply:
    • Unless otherwise specified, all rules from the original WRS event apply.
    • You are expected to drive clean at all times as if you are racing in the WRS. All participants are required to follow the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules & Guidelines.
    • Race Stewards (who are taking part in race, but will review the replay) reserve the right to kick out or invalidate the result of any driver from the Race Room for driving offensively. If you ignore any warnings from the stewards and are kicked out of the race room, you will not be allowed to participate in future WRS events.
    • Contact with walls should be avoided. Wall riding/bouncing to gain time will be penalized and/or can result in disqualification.
    • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
    • Runoff areas are not part of the track including green painted concrete.
    • Limit your contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
    • No hybrids
    • No cheating of any kind
    • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules
    • Passing and Blocking: Aggressive blocking is not permitted, but the driver in front has the right to choose his/her line and braking point and drivers behind should respect that line. Be especially careful when you are on older tires than the competition as the speed difference may be significant. These events are "for fun" so just play nice and take a conservative rather than an aggressive approach when possible.

    Good Luck, OLR Team:gtplanet:

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  4. Philtaylor17

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    Sign me up for WW please - great combination!
  5. Rikson


    Reserve for ww and eu
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  6. oink83

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    United Kingdom
    I'll go for WW but won't be around for EU next week.
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  7. mohitraina91

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    NA :cheers:
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  8. Stryker13

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    Sign me up for WW and NA(p)

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  9. EDK

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    Posted tire and fuel burn, lap count updated to 47.
  10. Hobie199


    Sorry cant make it tomorrow
  11. EDK

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    Lobby is open for practice. I also have a party chat open.
  12. Philtaylor17

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    That was a really fun race - varying strategies and @EDK's pace kept things close, plus just a fun combination overall :)

    Speaking of @EDK I owe a really big thanks, firstly for the gifted premium, and also for the setup work on the Gr.3 Impreza for an upcoming endurance race on GT Planet, turned the car from a snappy, oversteery mess into a really balanced car, that also now brakes later than my mind can believe :lol: mad that it took barely 45 minutes. Thanks man :tup:
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  13. EDK

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    I owe you as well, thanks for being such a positive participant. Really appreciate you, and happy to make a tune for that car which may make a future WRS combo. :tup:
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    Running a little late, but should be on with practice room in 20.
  15. EDK

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    Practice room is up.