GTP_WRS Time Trial Comparison Videos

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GTP_WRS Time Trial Lap Comparison Videos

Capture Info
All clips were captured at 1080p 30fps. Then were resized to
50 % for the 4 clip videos
45% for the 3 clip videos

Video Output
The video output is 1080p 30fps.

Sync Info
All videos are synchronised at the 10 second time mark.

Video Off-Set
Because all videos were captured at 30fps this means a single frame will displayed at you for roughly 0.033 seconds.
Since there can be an offset between the videos all clips are displayed within 0.066 seconds from eachother at the 10 second mark.

Time Glitching
However some videos may have an offset at the end of the lap bigger than those 0.66 seconds this is due to capture card glitching up. causing frames to freeze or causing frame drops. This results in added or deducted time. In this case the video description will contain "Time Glitch Forward - Dx" or "Time Glitch Rewind - Dx". Where is the offset time right before the finishline and Dx is the Division number of the glitched clip.

Chosen Replays
I've tried to get the replays of all Division winners. In some cases this couldn't be accomplished because it actually was removed.
In this case the video will contain "DxPx" Where Dx is the Divisionnumber and Px the divisional placement of the displayed clip.

Engine Sound
In the layout with 4 clips the sound is with the D1 car
In the layout with 3 clips the sound is with the D3 car.

Division Mix-Up

Some videos show a lower division clip stopping earlier than the higher division clip. There are two reasons for this

1. The lower division driver was actually faster than the higher division driver.
2. There is Time Glitching involved as discussed above

8 hours - perfecting the template
5 hours - Making a list of needed replays, Searching for replays through in-game function, Searching missing replays through :bowdown:Kudos Prime:bowdown: and online community website these sites a lot of replays would be concealed forever)
10 hours - Capturing footage, recapturing corrupt footage, renaming and sorting out replays.
24 hours - Edditing, making trailer, Checking edits.
12 hours - Rendering (not actively working)
4 hours - Checking videos
2 hours - Uploading (not actively working)
1 hours - Making thread
66 hours - Total
But I enjoyed doing this for you guys!

and I hope you'll enjoy the videos!

If you got any other questions about this please send me a PM

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