GTP_WRS Week 95: Official Results

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  1. Vaxen

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    :: GTP_Weekly Race Series ::

    Week 95 (Official): Ayrton's Ghost


    Time Trial in Arcade Mode


    Honda Epson NSX '08


    Suzuka Circuit

    Steward's Comments:

    Good job everyone!


    OLR Team.

    Sharing Your Replay:
    • Go to Your Library, locate your Submitted Best Lap Replay, and share it using the in game menu features.
    • Be sure to share your replay PUBLICLY for verification, so that any member may find it.
    • When sharing your replay this week, please use the following share tags to make your replay easy for other members to locate
      • gtpwrs095, essentials, pineapple
    This thread will be listed as "Provisional" and will become "Official" once all posted replays have been verified.
    Disqualification isn't taken lightly within the WRS.

    Drivers who do not have a submitted lap posted in the results are not to post any information related to a laptime they might have achieved in the results thread. Any such posts will have the times removed.

    Division 1:

    1---1'50.368---philtaylor17 (Verified) [​IMG]
    3---1'51.025---Mysteron71 (Verified) [​IMG]
    5---1'51.657---GTP_billyjoebobx (Verified) [​IMG]

    Division 2:

    1---1'53.372---Pigpin13 (Verified) [​IMG]
    2---1'54.222-R-doughboy877 (Verified) [​IMG]

    Division 3:



    Overall Results:

    1---1'50.368---philtaylor17 r=0.386 (d1/0.067)
    2---1'50.975---jfrod52 r=0.854 (d1/-0.114)
    3---1'51.025---Mysteron71 r=0.892 (d1/0.052)

    >> Division 1: Par: 1'51.165 Gold: 1'51.598 Silver: 1'52.079 Bronze: 1'52.609
    4---1'51.541---Oshawa-Joe r=1.289 (d1/-0.293)
    5---1'51.657---GTP_billyjoebobx r=1.374 (d1/-0.077)
    6---1'51.916-R-Rampuss r=1.554 (d1/0.069)
    7---1'52.291---CnF_Pigems r=1.800 (d1/0.162)
    8---1'52.349---GTP_Roamer2629 r=1.836 (d1/0.205)
    9---1'52.482---Hasnain282 r=1.920 (d1/0.185)
    10--1'52.530---shoenboggie r=1.950 (d1/0.218)

    >> Division 2: Par: 1'52.610 Gold: 1'53.260 Silver: 1'53.983 Bronze: 1'54.778
    11--1'52.662---GTP_RACECAR r=2.027 (d2/0.064)
    12--1'52.797---routergod24 r=2.096 (d2/0.151)

    13--1'53.372---Pigpin13 r=2.385 (d2/0.155)
    14--1'53.983---GTP_Frank r=2.667 (d2/-1.177)
    15--1'54.222-R-doughboy877 r=2.767 (d2/0.000)

    >> Division 3: Par: 1'54.779 Gold: 1'55.646 Silver: 1'56.609 Bronze: 1'57.669
    16--1'59.579---Jolumafe1967 r=4.601 (d3/0.263)


    Handicapped Results:




    (Settings: Weight = 1.000 Squeeze = 2.005 Scoot = 0.807)

    [​IMG] shows that the replay has been posted and verified.
    [​IMG] shows that the submitted lap turned out to be dirty or doubtful.
    [​IMG] shows that the replay has was found to be invalid.

    Replay Checking:

    1. It is customary for all participants of the WRS to verify each others submitted replays
    2. Once you have checked the replay, post in this thread to say that you have checked it and whether it's clean, dirty or doesn't meet the required race specifications
    3. When verifying a replay, check against this weeks race specification, check that the tyres are the correct compound and that the power and weight is correct for example
    4. If you are unsure about a replay, always seek a second opinion before posting

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  2. Pigpin13


    United States
    Replay shared

    Good run everyone. I knew this one would bring out the aliens. Amazing times on the board. :gtpflag:
  3. Oshawa-Joe


    Congrats guys, those are some amazing times on the podium!
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  4. Mr P

    Mr P

    That's an amazing lap time Phil! Congrats!.. you are just too damn fast :tup: Congrats also to Javi who beat me by a whisker there.. Well done mate! :tup:

    Congrats to all divisional winners and podiums and all who hit their goal in this sweet car :cheers: Shared mine on the PSN and a vid is on my youtube page as always ;):tup:
  5. Jamie duerden

    Jamie duerden

    Replay up, congrats everyone, great combo
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  6. MikeyLCR

    MikeyLCR Premium

    Not done much this week due to a knackered shoulder.....and forgot to submit last night :dunce:
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  7. Jfrod


    Oops!!!!! :scared::boggled:

    I made a mistake submitting my lap 1:50.975. I changed two numbers. The real lap is 1:50.795. It means that my splits are not right for the submitted lap. Sorry guys :banghead:
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  8. Jfrod


    Oops!!!!! :scared::boggled:

    I made a mistake submiting my lap 1:50.975. I changed two numbers. The real lap is 1:50.795. It means that my splits are not right for the submited lap. Sorry guys :banghead:
  9. Philtaylor17

    Philtaylor17 Premium

    Well done on the division win mate - nice lap!

    Thanks @Oshawa-Joe you were right on the tail of it, great laptime dude.

    Thanks Ron :cheers: your always so consistently fast dude cannot leave anything on the table to be in with a shout of winning :tup:

    Congrats to everyone, competetive field even on a really long lap is awesome, well done division winners @Pigpin13 and @GTP_Frank and fellow podium guys @Mr P and @Jfrod - really fast times guys.

    Unfortunate about the lap time error Javi thats frustrating for sure :ouch: especially with it being an even faster lap.
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  10. Philtaylor17

    Philtaylor17 Premium

    Replay is shared.

    Here is the lap from youtube, external and then onboard @2:01.

    Brake bias -2, -3 for the hairpin so i could go in harder on the brakes without too much rotation.

    Sector 1 actually had a few.3xx's so wasnt the smoothest run through there, actually pretty ragged in some spots which doesn't look great but hit the right spots and markers atleast.

    Momentum out of the esses was important into S2 but managing weight transition off the brakes into degner 2 was so tricky ( so many oversteer moments in to there or was that just me? )

    Hairpin was a big time gain/loss for S3, trying to get rotation without getting too much ( bb-3) and losing momentum was hard but seemed to get it ok on this lap, had to transition on to throttle at the right time.

    Spoon was ok, then just tried to carry momentum over the kerbs at the last chicane but kept getting snatches of oversteer from them which i had to correct and maybe lost half a tenth/tenth but didnt want to gamble too hard with track limits.

    Loved the NSX and always love Suzuka :drool:
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  11. Jfrod



    Great lap Phil :bowdown: You was too fast for me. Congrats :tup:

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  12. Mr P

    Mr P

    Haha Cheers I'm flattered mate! We all know there's a mile between being fast and blazing fast though :D:tup: I need to try this changing the brake bias mid lap thingy that you do? But it just seems like too much work whilst I'm already pushing a lap.. but damn it works well for you man! :cheers:

    I suggest you try the Suzuka Weekly TT in the S2000 mate! I reckon you have what it takes to upset the Global leaderboards.. Get a few laps in there and enjoy climbing the ladder :tup:

    Congrats again on another decisive win! :cheers:
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  13. Philtaylor17

    Philtaylor17 Premium

    Cheers Javi - same as with Ron pushed me to the limit mate WRS standard is high!

    Cheers mate i don't know how to reply other than saying my head will be too big to go through the door lol :lol:

    The brake balance thing can be tricky, but after a few laps it becomes routine tbh. Only do it when i really feel its worth something. You would get used to it surprisingly quickly i think.

    In terms of daily racing and leaderboards i actually first started online racing properly 18 months ago, but about 6 months ago I had to wind it down due to studying taking up too much time, my best result ended up finishing 1st in the EU region and 3rd on the global rankings on a gr3 Nurburgring GP event.

    If i ever get an easy week on a track i already know i tend to go for it, these are my last results.


    I enjoy WRS more though, i like the community spirit of it all rather than just racing against names on PSN.

    And tbh the standard is really high so have to push just as hard!
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  14. Mr P

    Mr P

    Great post and I agree the community in the WRS makes hotlapping and competition all the more enjoyable :tup: I'm compelled by habit to check out the TT's though and cant help but stick my toe in every now and then.. well most weeks tbh :p I got my shifts at work cut down to 3 nights a week now.. so I have plenty of spare time to explore other options if they grab my attention ;):tup:

    I wasn't blowing smoke up your ass earlier btw... just highlighting how well you do with your limited time so Well Done and take it easy mate! Cya on track sometime :cheers:
  15. Philtaylor17

    Philtaylor17 Premium

    Thanks dude :) i just didn't want to reply looking like a real :censored::censored: :lol:

    It's not too bad, if i spot an event i like i try and get a decent amount of time on it, it's more that it means the next week i have to catch up, so its rare i do consecutive events, i tend to just pick and choose. So like this week i got a decent amount of time in - not at a disadvantage to anyone at all or anything like that.

    Thats cool about the night shifts, especially now they have the time trail section as well as the daily races / FIA stuff. Plenty of action to be had!

    All the best mate, would be cool to catch you in a daily race sometime too :cheers:

    Edit - @Pigpin13 your replay seems to show a different time to the one submitted? Might have shared the wrong replay or something, i will double check it later along with other replays

    Mysteron71 [​IMG]
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  16. geeTeye


    South Africa
    PS Hard drive crashed on Monday and lost all of my replays so I couldn't submit my time.:censored::censored::censored: :banghead: Everything back to normal now so should be good for this weeks TT. :cheers:

    Congrats to @Philtaylor17 on the win and to all the podiums and division winners. Great lap times!
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  17. Pigpin13


    United States
    Looks like I shared the wrong replay. I have the correct one shared now. Sorry about that.
    Tags: gtpwrs095, correction
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  18. Mr P

    Mr P

    Thanks for the check Phil :tup:

    I will check any remaining replays tonight in bulk and post again in here :cheers:
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  19. Mr P

    Mr P

    I watched all the replays available.. Great laps guys! :cheers:

    philtaylor17 [​IMG]
    doughboy877 [​IMG]
    Pigpin13 [​IMG]
    Rampuss [​IMG] (Great lap but unfortunately there was a slight off staying behind the white line exiting the rumble at Degner 2 at 48.1 secs into the lap)
    GTP_billyjoebobx [​IMG] This wasn't flagged for checking but I checked it anyway :tup:

    Someone else can do the last 2 when they are posted :p:tup:
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  20. Jamie duerden

    Jamie duerden

    Oh ffs! Can I challenge it in the Supreme Court? :lol:
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  21. Racingworld68

    Racingworld68 Premium

    Replay online. Sorry that it took so long.
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  22. EDK

    EDK Moderator

    United States
    Thanks for participating, Frank. :tup:
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