GTS - A Re-Review. Would I Now Recommend It?

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    It's been almost 18 months since GTS was released and I thinks it's fair to say that I was quite scathing of both the pre-launch demo and the launched product, to such a degree that I quickly put in back on the shelf and only broke it out to see what the updates brought.

    So a year and a half later what's changed with GTS and more importantly do I still feel the same about it, feel free to either watch the video of my thoughts and re-review of GTS or scroll down past the video and have a read (or of course do both)

    Let's start with the areas that I think have improved:

    GTS hasn't had a major physics update yet, it's been more a a gradual series of changes across the 18 months, changes that I'm glad to say have moved GTS in the right direction.

    While it's still not a match for the likes of AC or Project Cars, the changes have been quite noticeable and have moved GTS into a much better place physics wish. For me this came to a head over the last few updates, with the turning point being a drive around the 'ring with an MX-5. The was the cars drive and react to load changes is a welcome update.

    What is however a little ironic is that GTS now drives in a manner that’s very close to the build I enjoyed so much at the Copper Box event, while for me it's frustrating to wait near 18 months for GTS to get back to how good it was in a build from 2016, I'm certainly glad that it has.

    A rather obvious one this, but worth calling out. On my PS4 Pro GTS runs at a solid 60fps and looks stunning, as it always has. However the lighting, PDs area of expertise, is still its star attribute when it comes to graphics. When expanded to the Photomode and 'scapes mode it manages to step well past the uncanny valley and into shots that are as real a thing as we have ever seen in any title, let along in the GT series.

    An area that the GT series has been historically criticised for, and quite rightly, regardless of what some apologists have tried to claim in the past (and I have heard all of the excuses) the series has had issues with sound.

    GTS has without a doubt turned that around, and while it's not a genre benchmark in terms of audio, its most definitely heading towards being a contender in this area.

    One interesting area of the audio for me, is how well that audio feeds into my tactile unit on my rig, and in that regard GTS does a good job of pushing both low, mid and higher frequency feeds to my rig. So I get the drivetrain thumps, the vibration of the engine through every part of the rig, from wheel, to shifter, to pedals. The curbs, expansion joints and track surface can all be felt via the tactile unit, and that for me is a very big plus point.

    Since GT5 throwing out regular updates has been something that the series has made a hallmark of its own, and GTS has continued that tradition. These have also included regular drops of cars and tracks, something that was certainly needed given that the title was light on content at launch.

    Its seen the physics changes that have re-invigorated the series for me arrive, but also an entire single player mode get added to the title as well.

    The only slight blot in this positive has been the introduction of micro-transactions along with the car drops, some would say they are a necessary evil given that the DLC cars and tracks are free, but for others its Kaz and PD going back on a promise not to use them. Certainly its divided the audience on how justified or acceptable they are.

    Sports Mode:
    While the influence of iRacing in sports mode is clear to see, it's still unique in the console market and with the budget of Sony behind it and the FIA events added in it's a game-changer for on-line console racing.

    Now it's had its issues and it would be remiss to not mention that the penalty system is contentious, and hasn’t been as effective at driving up race-craft and driving standards as I think PD had hoped it would be. Nor has the move from events that change daily to weekly changes been appreciated by all.

    These however shouldn't take away from what PD have managed to achieve overall with Sports Mode, or how risky a move making it the 'core' of a Gran Turismo title was.

    While it is limited in scope, the VR integration in GTS has been one of the areas that has always been a technical standout. While VR is a natural fit to racing titles, very few on the PS4 market has embraced it. With GTS, the original Dirt Rally and Driveclub being the only ones doing so with real cars. Of these GTS is easily the best looking of them, unfortunately the trade-off for that is that it’s the least featured of them.

    Those limitations aside, the quality of the PSVR in time trial is very good, particularly given the limitations of the PSVR hardware itself. It's an incredibly immersive experience and the one area in the past that has always drawn me back to GTS as a title, as taking just about any car around the 'ring in VR doesn’t get old.

    The above I believe illustrates how GTS has moved on, but that's not to say that room for improvement doesn’t exist, it of course does, so now I'm going to cover these areas:

    Weather and Dynamic Time of Day:
    Now I know that dynamic time of day will need to wait for the PS5, as I don’t see PD taking a step back in terms of frame-rate and resolution to accommodate it, but it's still a loss coming from GT5 and GT6.

    However weather, or at the very least wet surfaces is long overdue. We know it can be done, as we have a very limited example of it in one of the Missions. We also know that it's on the road-map, or at least once was, as we have rain and snow tyres that currently serve no purpose.

    Right now, for me, this is the single weakest area of GTS. As despite a good number of tracks being added via updates, the number of tracks is still low and the new 'fantasy' tracks are in some cases weak in comparison to some of the classic fantasy tracks that are still missing.

    A good number of real tracks that have now been long term regulars in the series are also still absent, the role-call is well known, but Silverstone, Spa and Imola would be high on my personal wish list.

    I can only hope that PD keep up the pace of free track drops, and that its biased more towards Autopolis than Route X,

    AI and Single Player Race structure:
    AI is another area that has always been considered a weak area of the series, and that's still the case in GTS. At least this time around they don’t just follow a set racing line without deviation, however with this new independence the AI has found a long hidden desire to at times be far too aggressive.

    Not that they are any quicker than they have been in the past, which leads to the other issue. To disguise the lack of pace we still have the solution that first saw daylight back in GT4s missions. The chase the rabbit approach that sees you start towards the back of a pack of spread out cars and have to effectively pass a series of moving road blocks and pass the leader before you run out of laps.

    It has no relationship to real racing and is something that I had hoped PD and its AI would have grown out of by now, sadly that's not the case yet.

    Maybe I'm just too old to want to deal with it now, but the progression system pretty much demands you grind. The only alternatives are to keep your fingers crossed in the Daily Reward (good luck with that) or use real money and the micro-transactions.

    So unless you want to go down these routes you are going to be grinding, and doing so a lot if it’s a CR20,000,000 car you are after.

    GTS seems to me to be the least generous title to date when it comes to handing out money and prize cars, and to a degree this made sense at launch with the limited car count. However we are now a long way from that, and it would be easy to resolve, being able to sell duplicate Daily Prize cars and a return of the daily sign-in bonus would both be valid routes to take.

    So after taking a look at the positives of GTS nearly eighteen months down the line, and a look at the areas I still feel could do with improvement, what do I think about it?

    The simple answer is that GTS is now a title, that after a long time on the shelf, is back in my regular play list. It doesn’t have the physics of the likes of AC or PC, (and those who have known me long enough will know that's my main draw) but the physics are now more than solid enough for me to enjoy and recommend, add in the visual and audio quality, along with Sport Mode and it’s got one hell of a lot to recommend it, and I'm quite happy to do just that.
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    Still prefer Driveclub
  3. MMX

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    The livery editor for me, is one of the best additions to a GT game they have done. It's the main reason I still play.
  4. MisterOne77


    I'm glad I got the game as late as I did. While I can srgua that the game should have been like this on release, I just don't really care anymore. The game is now where it should be, and that's all that matters to to me.
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  5. Pigems


    At this point, GT Sport is my favourite GT game, and I’ve played every single one of them pretty thoroughly. :)
  6. TonyJZX


    There's a little bit of the fact that there isnt that much choice on the PS4 and really, what GT Sport does well, it does very well and its very polished.

    Nothing in the OP's vid or written piece is the least bit controversial or unreasonable.

    I feel that since its 18 months old, maybe people should be thinking about what PD's endgame is.

    Will this thing end at the 3yr mark? That sounds like a dire thing to talk about but it sort of gives you can idea how they will spread out their content all the way to the end.
  7. Groundfish


    Great write up!
    Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts.
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    Agree with Groundfish, great write-up and very informative. Thanks.

    I've been playing since GT1, had a long break and ended up getting GTS in January this year. After all the negative reviews I'd seen I can't tell you what a relief it was when I got it going. It's fantastic, and I agree with Pigems that it's the best one yet.

    Sure, it's not a proper sim like some. But, I bought Project Cars 2 which is apparently more realistic, but am having trouble getting "into it".

    With limited time, when I flash the PS4 up I have a choice of F1 2018, Project Cars 2 or GTS. So far, GTS wins every time. It's "realistic" enough to make driving that can be challenging, but more importantly, it's enjoyable - just the whole way everything's been put together just works (for me).

    I think it's brilliant, and so glad I got it.
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  9. SestoScudo


    Project Cars 2 feels hard along with Asseto Corsa you go to put effort into it while Gt Sport is just fun hence why I play it more.

    On the other side I wish the game allows us to sell the gift cars for money because im sick of duplicates. Also we need more classes and qualifying for the lobbies.
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  10. sanrensho


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    I'll give GTS that the Livery Editor is cool and I enjoy spending time with it, but beyond that this installment lacks too many cool features from previous editions (dynamic weather, dynamic time, shuffle races, used car lot, moar carz, moar trax, more campaign, car wash, oil change, LESS GRINDING) for it to be THE BEST GT. I think I'm a GT5 guy.
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  11. TonyJZX


    I think "recomendation" is a hard thing simply because this is the premiere auto racing title for the PS4. It is likely this will be the ONLY title for the PS4 generation. So in that regard, if you have a PS4 and you want some then this is it. Its the Sony masthead title.

    IMO one of the greatest failings of Gran Turismo is that it is not and has never been a game that promotes "racing is for everyone" even though this is what PD would like you to believe.

    I have seen people buy this as a casual and they cant get to grips with the gameplay and especially, the economy.

    For a title aimed for the masses (allegedly) its holds onto its past which is all about the committed enthusiast. There's so much in GT Sport that can only be described as 'arcane'.

    In Microsoft land its much easier... for this generation they have had FM5-6-7 and FH2-3-4. You have six titles that cater to every audience.

    Was the PS3 worth it for GT5 and 6? Yeah. I paid exactly $199 for my ps3 and the titles each were $25?

    Was the PS4 worth for just GT Sport? Yeah. It is for me. For others. Ehhh... the console was $399 in 2014.
  12. Crazy Taylor

    Crazy Taylor

    I would say yeah. GTS really is a game where younger what you put into it.

    May just be seen as an Esports Racer, but, community wise there's lots more to offer such as scapes and liveries.

    Also lobbies let you create your own content in the form of leagues, which prolong fun for some people.
  13. ExplorerPhs


    Very nice review, the changes in physics, actually, let me finally really enjoy Assetto Corsa, so the changes in my opinion, at least in physics are quite in the right direction. But in my opinion, correct me, if I'm wrong, the biggest step forward is the ffb, which is really giving to you the feeling of oversteer and understeer. Still not quite brilliant under braking.
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  14. abrahamx


    Good to know that you now like the game. I do as well. I'm not going to write a review on it or a re review about it. Kind of a long winded was to say you like the game after not liking it for awhile. I've always liked the game but I dont expect anyone to care one way or the other about it. We're on the gts forum I assume we all like the game. As long as you are a clean racer then I guess we are happy to have you back.
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    I would agree that both have changed, however for me its the physics that have moved on the most, in regard to FFB at least they now (finally) have Self Aligning Torque correct.

    I like to add context.

    Its a discussion forum, we need stuff to discuss.

    Oh its a lot more than a GTS forum, a lot more and has been for a very long time, nor is liking GT mandatory, GTPlanet has plenty more to offer beyond just GTS.

    I am, but I'm not sure way you think I've been gone?

    Been here since 2003 and apart from a few short breaks I've been a fixture (for better or worse).
  16. abrahamx


    I have no problem with context. I agree, its a forum, lets use it. Unlike some forums that get all bent out of shape for posting a repost without searching, etc... I just assumed from the title that you NOW would recomend the game I assumed you were not happy with it before and just figured you were not playing a game you did not like. My bad. Good to have you or have you back, either way. I know gtplanet has more but we are on the gts section which is what I meant. I meant good to have you back to the game not the forum. First time I'm seeing you name, nice to meet ya. I just found the forum but have been playing gt since the early 90's. Now I have to get back to checking out all the new posts on how the penalty system sucks. Have fun.
  17. Scaff

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    No problem at all.

    I too have been playing GT since the very first one, have bought every title on release day (even bought a PSP just to play one title), however you are right that the series for me had been on a down-hill slide since GT5, for me because my main draw to a racing/driving title is the physics, and other titles have stepped past GT in that regard.

    With GTS they have now found a spot in the market that the series fits into well, the physics are a nice balance between realism and accessibility, and Sports mode is the model that all racing titles should be looking towards.
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  18. AlanH49


    Last time I looked I’d logged in around 1200hrs. Must be past 1500hrs now. By no means is that all racing, I spend plenty of time making, and collecting, liveries.

    But GTS drives so well. Everytime I check out a Daily Race, I intend to spend half an hour posting a decent lap. But end up on it all night.

    The updates also inject new life each month. Even got into esports with the FIA events.
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  19. VBR

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    Sounds good. I still haven't played the game with a wheel since the last physics update, must get around to having a go soon...
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  20. bdj57


    I think GTS as an early step before moving to more serious simulations like AC, IRacing, RaceRoom etc. The driving feel is pretty nice and decent, though it wasn't close as realistic simulations since it was rather forgiving in some occassions. However, I guess this is how GT title should be as we know, a racing game that could be enjoyed by casual to serious players and I don't see any problem with that.
  21. Lee x sensai

    Lee x sensai

    I think the most critical issue the in beginning for the game is content. They didn't offer offline championships and not having 1000 car and less track. They just focus creates great detail and online esport. The reason why the reviews is harsh on it. If they have little more content this game have would great review regardless how the physic is real or not. Most casual buy the game if you have a lot content. So far from dlc support and esport event they been nailing it. I'm very happy the way they didn't abandon it and not give up.
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