GT's "International" Nature: Just Kaz doing PR, or a legitimate vision?

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I can't remember the context, but I was watching this video about a World Tour event, and Kaz was going on about the international nature of Gran Turismo, and how the very word "Gran Turismo" could arguably be linked to a literal grand tour, across the world. I wonder if Kaz's words were just hollow PR, or a legitimate vision for Gran Turismo? I like the idea of it being the latter, and if it truly is the case, this could help illustrate what sort of cars and tracks could be next.

Let's begin with tracks, specifically real-world courses. I imagine that PD would want to pick courses that are both across the world, but also offer something pretty. After all, you gotta show off those graphics that GT has always been known for, no? I'd go as far to say that they'd want courses that aren't simply set somewhere exotic, but can illustrate that through their scenery. For example, the desert of Willow Springs is very distinguishable, or the background of Mt. Fuji at Fuji Speedway. This is why I think something like Cote d'Azur could be a likely pick for PD, but not so much a course like Lime Rock Park, as much as I'd like both. I could see a course like Phillip Island being added, however, as well as other real (and fictional) courses set in major cities, like the PS3-era iteration of Rome. For the sake of good racing, I do not, however, see the narrower courses from GT4 returning, unless they were somehow in the context of a point-to-point time attack, which very well could be what happens with the Isle of Man.

I could, however, see some original courses from GTS being swapped out with similar, real-world courses. I'd be very content if both Northern Isle Speedway and Blue Moon Bay were replaced with the return of Indianapolis and Daytona, as well as their respective infield layouts. Indeed, it'd be a good combination, between Daytona, Indy, and Laguna Seca, as it'd cover the east coast, the west coast, and the midwest. (You could argue that even more corners of the US could be represented with the Circuit of the Americas and Watkins Glen respectively representing the south and the northeast, but I'd be content with the three I mentioned earlier.) I think PD likes to involve real-world events in some way, too, whether it's with the Goodwood Hillclimb in GT6, or the likely future addition of Pikes Peak and the Isle of Man TT to the series.

But I digress. Let's move onto cars. I think it'd be very cool if PD could add more obscure automakers from around the globe, or perhaps build on the more obscure ones we already have seen. For example, I could see Gillet returning, with a GT2-spec Vertigo racecar being a Gr.3 car, as well. I also think it's real neat we have a Brazilian automaker with Fittipaldi Motors, and I wonder if the production-spec EF7 could be added, and/or if the older Fittipaldi Automotive cars would be added under the Fittipaldi Motors label, such as the F5A. Another example could be Spyker, with its GT2-spec C8 and newer road cars, like the C8 Aileron.

That said, I think these sort of cars will be a bit more rare, like how the only major Canadian car that I can recall was the HPA Golf R32. Indeed, the multinational nature of automakers can be complex, and even the creators of some brands in themselves can be multinational, such as those for McLaren, Bugatti, and Brabham. Respectively, these founders were from New Zealand, Italy, and Australia. Not to mention the designs of some cars, such as Ken Okuyama's work for Pininfarina like the Ferrari Enzo, or Toyota's America-based CALTY design center. So I'm not so sure if this "international" approach can extend as far to cars as it can for tracks and other locales. But one thing I know for certain is that I'd love to see more South Korean cars, between the Genesis G80 Sport, or the newer Hyundai models with the "N" label. But I'd be willing to sacrifice the old Oullim Spirra in the process - I'd be fine with it being left behind. A return of some Australian cars would be fantastic, too, and more Swedish cars, as well, along with racing versions for both, between V8 Supercars and the WTCC, especially when Volvo has had cars in both, potentially allowing them both a Gr.3 and Gr.4 car, respectively.

What do you think? I think Kaz really did have a point about GT having this international emphasis. And I'm hoping in the next game, both the cars and tracks build on that idea.


I think it's obvious that it's international once you have played any GT game for maybe an hour or so.

I'm not really sure Kaz (controlled by Sony) has any vision beyond what makes the most money nowadays, so I don't know if that is in alignment of introducing cars and tracks from different countries. Most great cars and tracks have worldwide appeal so for example say they add another great British track like Silverstone rather than a great track from a country not yet in GTS or GT7, I don't think it being in a new country has any value for them. Maybe if they get the timing right and add Zandvoort and ride the Max Mania wave could work.

You do have some nice ideas for returning cars and tracks from previous games.