GTS need alot of fixes and essential features.

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    I love the game, but it needs work. By work I mean bugs, and needed online features such as "Party" for "Sports Mode". Would love to race an actual good online race with friends instead of randoms only. Yes friends would have to meet same qualifications that are implemented via the matchmaking system.

    Sports mode needs more than three races and is God awful for loading times as well.

    The manual save needs fixing along with servers and connectivity issues. Five minute black screens are not acceptable.

    Where are the tune shops with Turbos with stages, Super charging, port polish, triple plate clutch, engine balancing, ect? The prebaked is kinda cool, but not the same.

    As for the Livery editor, please allow my design for all cars I get. I don't want to remake for every car. Also how about "Mirror Duplication " per/ all layers.

    As for progression, please allow my career stuff ,cars, money, exp, everything to transfer over to full game (if we should call it that), if I get it. If issues are fixed. I don't wanna redo stuff I spent hours on. It can be done.

    Plase fix as I want GT to keep the crown. Bad enough "Career" is laughable and driving school is a waste of time. If you cannot race you will lose. You will learn that way. Plain and simple.

    I miss the car wash and oil change as well.

    I hope Polyphony see's and addresses this. I wanna remain a fan. GT on PSX was the start, I don't want this to be the end.

    I am sure many of you have experienced the same if not more. Please state them so we can get this sorted out REAL SOON.

    Thank you.
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    I agree, i want to go to the tuning shops and get turbos and do suspenion mods... why not have that in the game?

    I feel like noone has even thought about the tuning aspect of the game and how its missing?
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    Agreed but unfortunately don't think the GT of old would be back given the new direction. It's banking on the legions of nostalgic GT fans to keep the franchise alive and they would still buy regardless.

    The worldwide sales figures would ultimately be the game's success indicator.
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    Tuning was one the core elements that made it GT. Many other racers took the lazy route and I don't want GT to follow or change for the worst. All the other lacking, and bugs are just as silly.
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