GTS Profile Missing

South Africa
South Africa
Hi there,
I am hoping someone can help me, i am on profile 33+ experience with plenty cars, played online gt sport race on 23 September till about 11pm SA time and logged in next day at 2pm and my profile was gone, campaign at 0% all cars gone and experience at level 0-5 after profile picked my purchase which was preorder with R2.5m in game credit. So based on review entire profile was lost/over written and start from square one. I have the proof of trophies/ campaign almost complete only circuit experience left and lewis hamilton time trial challenge(this purchase was restored after i logged in) on the Gran Turismo app is shows this same incorrect profile so not sure if its a Sony error or PD GT server error? I have already deleted the game and reinstalled and same error to profile reloaded. This happened between 23/24 Sept, i play GTSA league and this has really put me off after loosing 1yr+progress on GT and paid for material via store as well. Any help or contact at sony/PD can be made to restore my profile on PS4? I have attached screenshots of progress and proof of errors


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