Guess the Mystery Car & Track - Audio Only

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I had an idea a long time ago, but just recently decided to give it a try.
The idea is to see if people can identify a GT7 car by the sound alone. On top of that, can they figure out which track the car is driving on, by listening to the duration of the straights, the high speed curves, and the hard braking zones? :confused:

I'll upload my first clip here, to test the waters, and see if you folks are interested. If so, I can definitely keep adding more.

The only way, so far, that I can figure out how to make the clip audio-only is to use a ShareFactory overlay decal, and enlarge it to cover the whole screen. I'll continue to try to refine it, if people want more clips.

In this first one, I bought a car straight from Brand Central, and made no tuning modifications, other than a tire upgrade. I used auto transmission.
This clip is one full lap. It starts about 3 seconds before the starting line, and ends about 2 seconds after the finish line. Good luck :)

Great game idea!
Judging by the driving style, it could be a car with MR layout. And a ruther dull-sounding V8, so maybe the Corvette C8?
No idea about the track though.
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I was like "WTF, Willow Springs?? There are no kerbs there and the lap is way too short for the video, even..." :lol::lol:

Anyhow, this one is Laguna Seca 👍
Dang you’re good. I will have to agree with Laguna Seca.
Is the car some sort of Porsche?
It seems that guessing the cars is much more difficult than the tracks.
I'll give a small hint for the car in clip #2, which will eliminate a couple hundred cars.
It cannot be purchased at Brand Central. 👍
Try starting with a standing start if possible. That would at least help with trying to figure out the transmission. It’s hard to tell if it’s an old 4 speed or a newer 5-6 speed transmission. Sounds like it’s a traditional manual and not a dual clutch/paddle shift type 🍻🤔