Guide: How To Enter the GTPlanet Photo Mode Competitions

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    Hello there. You're here because you want to enter the GTPlanet Photo Mode Competitions. This thread is here to help!

    Currently, the PMCs require you to enter with a thumbnail image (no larger than 640px in either direction), which links to the full-size image in all its glory. We'll detail the two most common methods to do this: GTPlanet Media, and Flickr.

    The GTPlanet Media Method:

    Step 1: Head to the GTPlanet Media section. Hit that "Add Media" button up top.
    Step 2: Choose an album you want to add your image to (or create a new one).
    Step 3: Upload that image! Make sure it follows the respective competition's rules and weekly theme.
    Step 4: Now, head to the competition thread. Ready to submit? Start your post by copy/pasting this code:
    [color=red][b]FINAL ENTRY[/b][/color]
    Step 5: Now, on a new line, hit this little guy:
    Step 6: You should see a gallery of your media along the bottom of the reply box. Find your PMC entry, and simply click it once to have it insert into the post.
    Step 7: Submit your reply! If it all works as expected, the post should look similar to this:

    Good luck!

    The Flickr Method

    Step 1: Hit that upload button (the cloud/arrow in the top right on desktop).
    Step 2: Drag/drop/select your entry. Fill out the title and description as you see fit. Pick an album or create one for the new image.
    Step 3: When you're all set, click the Upload Photo button (top right again).
    Step 4: View your new-fangled image. Just below it, on the right-hand side, you'll see the following icon:
    Step 5: Click that. A dialog box will come up with sharing options.
    Step 6: Make sure BBCode is selected up top (the far-right option). Below the highlighted code, select the "Medium 640 x XXX" option (this second measurement will differ depending on image ratio).
    Step 7: Copy/paste the BBCode into a new reply. For extra brownie points, you can remove the extra URL tags and text that Flickr auto-generates when you paste this code — it helps speed up poll creation. :)
    Step 8: Above the BBCode, at the beginning of your new reply, copy/past the following code:
    [color=red][b]FINAL ENTRY[/b][color]
    Step 9: Submit your reply! If it all works as expected, the post should look similar to this:

    Good luck!
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    Hi! The closing color tag has the slash missing (that's why you see some posts with a "[color]" after the "FINAL ENTRY" and everything in red).
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