GUIDE: Joining The GTP_OMRS Race Room(s)

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Here is a guide to help you connect to a GTP_OMRS On-Line Race Room.

First, write down the Room Number From that month’s race in the GTP_OMRS race thread here.

Point your cursor to the Specify Room Number Globe and press X.


Move your cursor up to the blank text field, press X and Type in the Room number from the race thread.


A dialog box will say the room isn’t found if you mistyped the room number. It will also let you know if the race room is currently full.

You will be taken to the Race Room where you can select your car. Select the Car Icon at the bottom of your screen.


Then click the Favorites tab on the left and your custom list of favorite cars are available to choose from.


If you don’t know how to add cars to the Favorites tab, then exit to your home screen. Go into your garage, move your cursor to the car you want added to the favorites, press Triangle and select Favorites > On.


NOTE: For all GTP_OMRS races we have specific Performance Points, Weight, Power and Tire requirements. You may need to buy a second car if you’ve installed a Weight Reduction Kit, for example.

Some of our races may be run with stock cars (tires being the only available upgrade), but you may be able to uninstall other parts in the Car Tuning section to qualify your car for the race.

NOTE: For those with the NAT3 type, you won't be able to type in the race room number. Instead, you will need to browse to the race room. To do this, select the Skid Force Recovery option on the left and select OFF. Also, the Race Type is 'Race For Real'. You can even filter by that month's race track too, which between all three should make the race rooms easier to find. Then just press Triangle to refresh the list of race rooms until you see the title 'GTP_OMRS Month X'.

If you have any further questions about qualifying your car for a race, or connecting to a Race Room, this is the thread to do it.

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