Guide to the Leaderboard and Fetchy

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:: Guide to the Leaderboard and Fetchy ::

This guide show all the possible interaction you can have with Fetchy (@WRSFetchBot) and how everything works.

What or who is Fetchy?

Fetchy is the name for our WRS bot, also known as @WRSFetchBot.

As there's a lot of going on in WRS and on the leaderboard we created a fully autonomous bot that deals with a lot of tasks for WRS. These tasks and how to interact with Fetchy is what we'll discuss here.

Posting splits to show up on the leaderboard

During the week you can post splits in the weekly threads, like this thread to show up on the leaderboard.

In the weekly threads you'll see people posting their fastest times throughout the week.

Fetchy processed the weekly threads every 15 minutes and looks for any new times posted. If new times are found they are automatically posted on the leaderboard.

To get Fetchy to recognise your splits you need to make sure you are entitled to run in WRS by registering through the official registry. If you are not in the official registry Fetchy will ignore your times and you will not show up on the board.

If you are a member of WRS you can post your splits in the weekly threads following format:

T1: 0'45.123
T2: 1'12.123
Of even in the short format:

Fetchy will pick these up and you will be placed on the board.

Changing your country on the board

To change your country on the board, all you have to do is send a PM to @WRSFetchBot with the correct subject and body. Fetchy will then change your nationality and your flag will be updated.

Start a new private conversation with Fetchy and use the following format:

Subject: Change nationality
Body: The Netherlands
See this image for an example:

You can use your own country of course. So you can use, U.K., USA, AU, Canada, Germany, Bolivia etc.

Changing your controller on the board

Changing your controller is a lot similar to changing your country above, we just have a different subject and body message:

Subject: Change Controller
Body: G25
Fetchy support quite a lot of controllers, like: Wheel, G25, G27, DFGT, Driving Force, T500, Fanatec, CSW, Fanatec Clubsport Formula, Controller, DS3, DS4, six-axis

If Fetchy doesn't support your controller let me know in the Leaderboard comments and bugs thread.

Removing your submitted time from Fetchy

If you submitted your official time to Fetchy, but want to cancel your submission you can let Fetchy remove your submission from the list. Simply send a PM in the format:

Subject: GTP_WRS Week 18 Remove Entry
Body: [the body can be empty]

Checking a replay after a week's deadline has finished

After the deadline for a week has finished the unofficial results thread will be posted.

This thread contains a list of replays that need to be verified before the week can be made official. This is done to make sure that at least the podium consists of clean laps without breaking any of the rules.

When you pick a replay you want to check you can download them directly from the leaderboard by clicking on the 'results' tab on the leaderboard.

You'll see that all replays that still need to be checked have a red exclamation mark. After downloading and checking a replay you can post your result in the unofficial thread like in the following manners:




Note that any other format will NOT be parsed. Please use one of the above formats.

Other questions or bugs

If you have any other questions, or found a bug, you can let us know in the dedicated Leaderboard comments and bugs thread.
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