Handling issues on daily races.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Edd1982, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Edd1982


    United Kingdom
    So, I was battling to stay in second place at Willow Springs. Competing with a very clean fair racer. That was until my back end slid out as I gently came on to the throttle after the slowest bend.
    I counter steered and almost stopped it but then ended up off circuit. I’d used the same throttle and the same line repeatedly.
    Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve seen a lot of cars binning it in front of me in these races in some places that you never normally loose control. And the tyres on some of the FIA races just suddenly get really bad without any warning, then everyone goes off the circuit on the same lap.
    So, what’s happening then?

    Bad network?

    Bad race programming?

    Tyres suddenly heating up. Should I be looking to see if they are red?

    Bad signal from my steering wheel?

    Bad signal from my pedals?

    Or maybe I just came on the throttle a bit too early going down the hill?
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  2. BaareCZ


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    Someone might have gone off and rejoined the track at that very spot earlier in the race dragging sand onto the track. I think that can happen in GT Sport. Especially at WS.
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  3. Stance


    Sounds like a regular driver error. It's not the game or the car. If you had the ABS glitch you would know from lap 1
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  4. JayRS200


    Frame rate and connection can drop causing this. It happens.
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  5. Edd1982


    United Kingdom
    I was ever so careful on my throttle going down that turn. Could well have been a smidge too much acceleration. I’m going to keep trying things to combat it if it happens again. Change up gear maybe or dab the brakes.

    I’ll pay attention to see if there’s any visible dirt. Wish I’d saved the replay so I can assess. Don’t know how to?

    Did make me wonder when it happens too regularly. People make mistakes but not that many.

    I tried on purpose to get the back end to slide. It was soon put to check with a quick dab on the brake. Hopefully this works the next time my car goes into an unplanned slide.
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  6. Junkman55


    Willow Spring is a tough track I have found you need to make sure you are on the track and look at the recommended gear and maybe go up one , but be carful not to put a tire on the dirt