Has the Weekly Challenge had the opposite effect on how often you play?

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At first I thought this feature may increase how often I login and race, but now I see it actually makes me want to race less. I only want new to do new events that result in new prizes now. Once I complete the 5 races and get the new items I'm done until the next week. If it had unique races only available for the week like we have seen a few times, I might feel more motivated. How about you?
It just depends. If I can get them done quickly I move on to other things but if not I can't do anything else until I finish the WC. So more or less I play about the same either way
I play about as often as I did before, but now I have more time for creating
my own events and making liveries.
I dont adjust my playing habbits for a reward system when I already did play the game for how much fun I have.
But I cant deny I dont play as much as there is other games waiting to be finished currently, and the things I want to do in GT7 are done and there is no new car I would like to drive for hours every single day.
I still NOT Play often GT7 even after this Spec II thing.
Game is still missing a lot of things...
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I play about the same as before, but now the average reward for each hour of play has reduced. Previously I would complete a grind race most days I played, now some time is spent on weekly challenges with lower rewards. So overall the economy has got harder, probably a deliberate strategy
I have 99% of the cars and 50% of the engine swaps so I’ll do enough to get the 42km, cash tickets and the maybe online time trials.

I’m waiting on the 24h races to bring me back to the game for more than 30-60min a week
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It hasn't changed anything for me except slightly increased my chances to get that darned Ferrari invitation. Still spend most of my time either time trialling or in the online lobbies.
No. I do the weekly challenges so long as the payouts are decent... which is all I am really after. 99% of what I do is Sport Mode and honestly, I am just not into this game right now. Last week's C (the 40 mins at Suzuka) was cool for something new, but for the most part the Dailies are just plain boring.

So, if anything the weekly challenges give me an excuse to log-in and play for an hour.
Same as most people, I wouldn't launch GT7 at all (except for Lap Times Challenges) if it wasn't for the Weekly Challenges.
Between league play… (3leagues) Dailies, TT, weekly’s… I’m on GT a lot. I really enjoy the weekly’s because it’s the only driving I do that’s chill and the VR makes it better… all the other driving is serious and competitive.
I'm probably in the minority, but I agree that Weekly Challenges have made me want to engage with the game less.

Every time I see a track I enjoy, with some of my favourite cars eligible, I think to myself, "oh what the heck, it's good money even for completing 1/5 events." I proceed to do that event, only to be reminded of how much I LOATHE the AI in this game. By lap 2, I'd already have big damage on my car from someone brake checking me at the apex of a flat out corner, and I'd hate myself for having even tried to enjoy the single player side of Gran Turismo 7.

The first credit prize tends to be good money for time invested, but the prizes as a whole are utterly underwhelming. The garbage Roulette Tickets feel less like prizes and more of an insult, and offering more of them as prizes simply doesn't motivate me. There is no way to convince me that I ought to spend maybe 90 mins of my time to earn a top tier 5 star ticket to have a microscopic chance to win an invite or an invite car, which in my view are the only prizes of value left in these tickets, as S parts and engine swaps can now be bought with credits.

To me, the Weekly Challenges utilise and highlight some of the worst aspects of this game, and trying them even occasionally makes me go "NOPE!" without fail. I'd much rather spend my time elsewhere, be it liveries, photos, writing, or just other things in life besides GT7.
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