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    Only 4 months late, so here's my introduction.

    How did I find GTPlanet?
    I don't really remember how I got here (yay, memory), but it's hard to miss such a big site, and the reason I actually joined was probably because I didn't want to miss a bump opportunity (the last forum website I frequented did nothing about bumps, and every one of my bumps actually contains some useful (meh, kinda?) content, so it's not like I violated the Posting Guidelines right from the start.)

    When did I start playing the Gran Turismo games?
    See full story on my second post. I got my first (Gran Turismo 3) on late June 2010/2011 (yay, memory) in my school's end-of-year car boot sale (they called it that, no cars were involved though) and I started playing it roundabout then (why wouldn't I?). I got GT4 a few years later in a fair.

    Do I play with a steering wheel?
    I do actually have a steering wheel (not a GTF nor a DFP, it's called "Logic3" and it doesn't even have FFB nor does it register as a wheel on either GT3 or 4), but I much prefer a controller.

    What other games do I enjoy?
    PS2: NFS Carbon, Underground 2 and ProStreet; Shox; Ace Combat: Squadron Leader ("Ace Combat: The Unsung War" for non-PAL regions). PC: GTA: Vice City; Terraria; TrackMania Nations Forever; Minesweeper. I still only have a PS2 for a console, and an ancient Win95-age toaster for a PC (can toast graphics cards with ease! (okay, it only happened once, but still...)).

    What am I most looking forward to doing in the community, now that I'm a part of this site?
    Fun, mostly. The Rumble Strip does most of that well. Since the GT3/4 forums are quite quiet (especially the GT3 forum), I could well get some research and other fun things going there.

    Misc things about me.
    Most of what I write that isn't plain text (such as hyperlinks), I write in BBCode, since the last forum website I frequented used it and I feel more free in what I write using it. Since 100% of games I own that are listed somewhere in some way on GTPlanet forums are old (GT3/4; NFS U2, C, PS; GTA: VC), I only really frequent older forums on GTPlanet, which means bumps by me happen often.
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    Welcome! :cheers:
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    Welcome to :gtplanet:
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    Welcome, earthling!!! :D :tup: