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    Yes, I have been on this site for over a year now but I haven't been very active this year.

    Hello! My name is Alex and I found GTPlanet because Gran Turismo is my favourite Video Game Franchise of all time and it was really only a matter of time. I've always been into cars and when I got into gaming back in 2008 as a six-year-old when I got my PS3, One of the first games I got with it was GT5: Prologue. I guess I was too young because I hated that game and I don't know why I was drawn to GT5 so much before it's release but I got it for Christmas that year and that sparked my love for GT. I also own a few other consoles including a PS4, 3DS and a Wii U and Gaming now is pretty much my only hobby now.

    I hope to be a more active member next year and Perhaps GTSport's release (hopefully) next year will make me more active? Who knows?
    So that was my introduction. Not much more to say other than I'm a 14-year-old kid from New Zealand who likes Cars and Video Games.

    So Hello Everyone!
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    You forgot that you like to "Like" posts, too. ;)

    Welcome, and enjoy your stay, Alex. :cheers:
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    Formal welcome to ya! Similar to @TB I've noticed your name appearing in my alerts... :lol:
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    I'm sure you already know a few of the names posting about already but welcome to GTP.