[HELP] BMW Z4 GT3 Setup & Tune (DS4)

hi all, looking for base tune and fine tuned setup for:

1) Silverstone GP
2) Nordschleife (long)
3) Hockenheim GP
4) Nuernburgring (long)
5) Monza GP
6) Imola GP
7) Bathurst

any help would be appreciated, tips, suggestions and fine tunes, i am always about 2-3secs off the others times. (i know there is no golden setup, but some help)

thank you all!
That's good rocafella1978 you found an awesome site and it is so great of you to share this information with the rest of the :gtplanet: you will get so much help in return.
tunes are good!! work for me with controller and fine tune here and there, but thankful there is such a website and community sharing their setups! i wish there was an xls or other way of importing setups into pCARS