Help - Logitech DFGT (older model) auto-calibration finishing in off-centre position!

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United States
Hi all! First time poster here, I'm hoping I can get some help here. I recently purchased a second-hand Logitech Driving Force GT (see picture) for use on PS2 from eBay. It seems to be in good condition and the pedals, steering and buttons all respond. Unfortunately, there is an issue I can't resolve; the wheel does not finish auto-calibration in the centre position... every time in fact, it is off-centre to the left. I have taken in apart and tried all of the following:

1. Taken a look at the rotary encoder... I didn't see any cracks or anything of the sort. I also placed the disc snugly back into the shaft and made sure the screws for the circuit board were extra secured. I also wonder whether this would even be a rotary problem...
2. Have tried shifting the position of the black gear for the wheel on the white 'belt'-like thing. I read elsewhere that even being one notch off can cause a 20-degree or 30-degree shift... however, no matter what position I placed it in (and I tried MULTIPLE times) it ends up finishing the auto-calibration in the exact same position (I can't get it to be off-centre to the right, for example), so it doesn't seem that is.

Any other ideas on what I can try? Does this look like a rotary problem, or something else? Hoping someone can help me out ^^

Thanks so much!



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