Help on forcing 120Hz refresh rate

Hi anyone know how to force 120Hz refresh rate?

I tried editing the refresh rate to 120 in line 6 of \My Documents\my games\SimBin\RaceRoom Racing Experience\UserData\graphics_options.xml and still no luck. As soon as I start the game it defaults back to Windowed mode and 4:3.
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Not natively but managed to trick it to do so

No issues running any other game in 1080p@120hz. AC, PCARS, Rocket League, Metal Gear Phantom Pain etc.. I suspect RRE reads the Display info bypassing Win10 drivers/settings. Hence the question to force RRE to run at particular display settings...

Can you run RRE @120hz?
I used the same trick that you did to get my Sony tv to run at 120 Hz but it won't allow me to access game mode or any other mode and it and it feels like I'm getting some input lag with it. I don't have RRE.