Help! Thrustmaster T300 Install - Whats going on?

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Hello! I hope you guys can help me with my installation problems with my new Thrustmaster wheel on my PC! I'm so frustrated! :scared:


In a nutshell: I installed everything the way I'm supposed to but I cannot find the control panel where I can access the wheel configurations.

Here are the facts: Model: T300 Ferrari Integral Thrustmaster // PC: Windows: 8.1 64 // Plugged into a proper USB port

Installation: set the mode of the wheel on PS3, only plugged it in when the program asked me to - exactly according to thrustmasters recommendation.
The program said that all drivers were installed correctly and that I should restart my computer. The wheel does a couple calibration spins and everything seems fine.
After the restart there are two folders, one named FFB Racing Wheel containing a bunch of FFB files, the other on another location named Thrustmaster FFB Racing Wheel with one folder ''Drivers''.

The only thing I DID find was the ''Firmware Update''. I did that update and it worked, but yeah, did not solve my problem.-

Windows says the T300 wheel is correctly installed and ready to use. Strangely, if I check the drivers it says the drivers are from 2006. -version: 6.3.9600.19304. Eh?

Thrustmaster help/FAQ says I should be looking for a program called ''control panel'' but I cannot find it anywhere, none of the Thrustmaster folders contain any kind of configuration program.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I de- and reinstalled it a couple times but its always the same thing. :scared:

Edit - Nevermind , I managed to find it via command. It was not in my apps nor in the two folders. :embarrassed:
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Glad you sorted it out mate! :cheers:

Btw that's a sweet wheel, how's the Alcantara? I have never driven with one.