Help - Thrustmaster TX and Forza 5

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5' started by carlosy, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. carlosy


    I just bought a xbox one and Forza 5 as an appetizer for Forza 6.

    Racing with the controller is ok, but I miss my wheel (T300, doesn't work with xbox).
    So today I got a TX wheel, but I am not happy with what I get. I didn't expect to get something really good like pcars, AC or R3E anyway, but my main gripe ATM, is that the wheel has too much resistance in Forza. I tried the wheel on the PC and it works fine. So it is not the wheels fault.

    In Forza it feels like 100% damping is active all the time, which makes the wheel slow and sluggish.
    For instance, when the rear brakes out the wheel does not make use of its fast spinning potential. When I pause the game during rear braking away, the wheel flings back really quick. But as soon as I am back in the game it is slow again. Another weird example tested with MX-5 at max C upgrade, when I just floor the gas in first gear, the car starts to spin to one side, catches itself, spinning back to the other and vice versa endlessly. And that is without me touching the wheel at all. Very weird (sim setting) and the wheel ist probably only 70% as fast as it could be. In normal setting the steering wheel almost doesn't move at all. Car starts to spin and is doing donuts by itself, all while the wheel remains in the center. Again without me touching the it at all.

    I would like to know if this is the usual FFB behaviour in Forza or if there is something wrong?
    I guess there is not much I can change in the settings. Wheel is set to 900 and all deadzones are 0/100.