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    Hi all,

    Gran Turismo and Forza are 2 of my favorite game franchises, with Forza i know exactly when it started and i saw the E3 2004 conference when was announced, i was watching it the other day when realise that i never got that from Gran Turismo.
    I was a pc gamer by then and i discovered Gran Turismo by playing the japanese version before the US version was released but i never saw any annoucement or hear about the game before a friend show me the game.

    I would love to see an annoucement video or old previews of GT 1 and 2 because i didnt follow those developments as i did with the other games of the franchise.

    Does someone have any old videos or articles of GT during the first years?

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    I have found these 2 videos:

  3. I remember watching some commercials for gran turismo 1 as a kid 97-98'....wish i could find them they were sick..remember one of them showing the gran turismo title, and a bunch of cut one was a group of cars going through the "S" under high speed ring..and a few of the commercials had them on club man stage 5...but here maybe message this fella he can help you out.. heres his amazing collection from the very beginnings he can maybe clue you in...

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