XBOne HELP: Unable to create pit strategy

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by AllReD, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. AllReD


    I just had my first brush with weather during a race and needed to get wet tires on, then I realized I should have created predefined pit strategies.

    I am using the BMW Procar, however when I go to "edit pit strategy", then "create new" the game prompts me to enter a new name which I do. I call it "wet tires", I then go ahead and change my settings to "Symmetrical" and choose wet tires on all corners.

    Then I hit the save button, at which point the games ask me to type a name but does not bring up the onscreen keyboard. The only option I have is to hit "A" and it saves the name of my setup as BMW Procar.

    I cannot seem to create a new strategy except one with the name "BMW Procar" and get caught in the loop. Its like I can only have 1 setting besides the "default".

    I think the issue may be the onscreen keyboard not popping up when it says "create/ name setup"

    Some help would really be appreciated.

  2. doblocruiser


    Not sure if it helps but did you try hooking up a general USB keyboard, type the name and hit enter?