Help with G29 FFB please.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I’ve been trying to boost FFB gain to 100 for my G29….but oh my god the jerkiness in a straight line is unbearable. I know a car will have some jitter but this is insane. I can cope with it at 50, but you lose a lot of the feel of the road.

is there a way of removing the jerkiness??
I don't have any issues with jerking in a straight line while on FFB 100. I think what you're experiencing is a result of having the road effects turned up too high. I'll post my settings here so you can give them a try and let me know if they work out for you.

Gain: 100
Min. Force: 12
Damping: 25
Road Effects: 40
Frequency: 333
Steer Lock: (change based on the car you are driving)
Linearity: 1.00
Brake Gamma: 1.6 (I have this increased to attempt to compensate for the really soft spring in the brake pedal)
Debouncing: 50ms
Extras: enabled

Road effects being at 40 percent gives me enough feeling to experience the bumps in the road and the slight jerk you feel when you go through a puddle of water on the road but without it being overpowering and detracting from your ability to feel what the tires are doing which is the most important thing with force feedback. I hope this helps :)
Try this. Theres streamers that have files in description, if you push FFB to mush will start clipping.

Ingame put Gain at arround 70% and work from there and dynamic damping at 100% or less. with those files probably will work fine leave other options "empty".

These files will work with T300/G29.

Save those files in that folder...


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