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  1. Jax Pearce

    Jax Pearce

    I can't challenge a friends time?!
    Me and a friend have being using the rivals feature, taking it in turns to beat each other's time on a curcuit. My problem is I dont know how to start another rivals thing on another track?! We just want to challenge each other's times. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Im_Lukas


    If you pause the game and RB a couple of times you will find a tab called rivals, from here it depends what kind of rivals you would like to do. I believe there are 3 choices; Monthly Rivals which are special events set up and last for the month, Showcases (or something to a similar effect) which lets you challenge each other on the showcase events in the game, and festival routes where you choose a track and class to compete on.

    Once you've chose your event press Y to change rival and if your friend has set a time they should be on the friends tab, if not then perhaps set a time and then ask them to challenge you on that event.

    *This is how it works on Xbox One, I'm not sure if Xbox 360 version is any different.
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