Here comes a new challenger!

Uberlândia - MG
Hello, everyone!
While only now I've decided to create an account, I've been lurking on GTPlanet for a few years now, starting around the time GT6 was announced.
As a Brazilian, financial issues have usually prevented me from enjoying most games when they are relevant. I was introduced to Gran Turismo at the ripe age of seven, when I got my first PlayStation as a birthday gift, and Gran Turismo 1 was one of the first games I played on it. GT1 was the first serious sim racer I ever played, and naturally, seven year old me didn't know what he was doing, and couldn't pass the first license test. Ever since then, I've played every main series GT game (except GT5 and GT Sport), plus a few side games. I only recently was able to finally buy a PS3 (admittedly an used one, but still), and finally got to play GT6 for the first time. And despite the online servers being dead for over a year now, I'm really enjoying the career mode! Granted, GT4 will always be the GOAT to me, and GT6's career is quite linear compared to GT4's, but the driving itself - what matters most, in my opinion - is really fun and enjoyable.
Unfortunately, I don't own a wheel right now, so I'm stuck with my trusty DS3. I'll see if I can buy a wheel at some point, but in Brazil, the wheels that are worth something are usually a distant dream.
Besides GT, though, I'm a racing game enthusiast. Arcade to simulation, from Burnout and NFS to rFactor and Project CARS, if it's a racing game and I have the hardware to play it, I'll probably play it at some point. I enjoy fighting games and RPGs a lot too, but I usually stay away from shooters and battle royales. Nothing against people who like them, just not my cup of tea.
I... Honestly don't know what to look forward to, now that I'm here. I'm not one to plan ahead much, I just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. Hopefully, I'll have an awesome time here.