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Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by VeyronR8, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. VeyronR8


    I've gotten gold on this in A-Spec and gold on the Deep Forest Raceway in B-Spec but my B-Spec driver can't do the Cote D'Azur race in the Toyota 7 racecar. What car should I use?
  2. Counter_Z23


    The best car to use is the 2J.
  3. Mr. S

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    This one. It's been discussed over and over and over and...you get the idea. The B-Spec forum is your friend as well and will tell you how to set-up the car.
  4. SlyckTires


    What's the problem? Mine crashed a lot in the swimming pool complex (bottom of the hill). I got into the habit of telling him to reduce pace just as he entered the tunnel, but egged him on everywhere else (except maybe the corner before the start/finish 'straight'). Mind you, it took a while.
  5. VeyronR8


    I was reading what you said and when I read about your bob crashing in the swimming pool complex mine just crashed there.
  6. Lancialover123


    Use the ferrari 330 p4 race car because the best looking and can do it if good at controlling your guy
  7. daan

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