Honda Civic (EG6) 3-Door SiR-II [Premium] 1991

United States
I actually kinda liked the EG6 Civic, it was the first car I would drive in GT1. So yeah, I think it deserves a premium upgrade.

Update (5/16/14): I found info about the si on wikiland

2nd update (6/1/24, 1 decade later): It's in GT7!
The Si model replaced rear drum brakes with discs, added a power moonroof with tilt, cruise control, a dashboard clock, a 9K tachometer with a 7,200 rpm redline, plastic wheelcovers on 14 inch wheels, power side mirrors (body coloured, beginning in 1993), body-coloured door handles, and a 125 hp (93 kW) 1.6 L single-overhead cam D16Z6 VTEC engine with manual transmission. It enabled the car to hit 0–60 in 7.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 16.3 at 86 mph.[9] VTEC activated on the intake side and not the exhaust side, which was the result of the spark plug blocking the area where the cam follower would be. In 1994, rear speakers and optional ABS (the VIN# sequence will have "EH339", as opposed to the regular Si designation of "EH338") were also added.

In other markets (Japan, Peru) the Si received the 1.6 D16A9 DOHC non-VTEC engine, with 130 PS (96 kW). At this time, however, the Si was not the most powerful variant of the Civic sold elsewhere: In Europe, Honda also offered the Civic VTi, which featured a 160 PS (118 kW) B16A2 engine, and the JDM SiR, SiR-II, and SiR-S carried an even more powerful B16A engine, which made 170 PS (125 kW).[10] Japan also received a VTi model with a 1.5 litre engine similar to the D16Z6, with 130 PS (96 kW).

In European markets the trims available were the DX (EG3/1.3 L; 75 PS), LSi (EG4/1.5 L 90 PS), VEi (EG4/1.5 L SOHC VTEC-E 92 PS), ESi (EG5/1.6 L SOHC VTEC 125 PS), and VTi (EG6/1.6 L DOHC VTEC 160 PS)







Engine - B16A 1.6L Inline-4
Drivetrain - Front Engine, FWD
Power - 167 hp (125 kw)
Torque - 115 ft-lbs

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My uncle had one of these, had over 300,000 miles before they got rid of it. Fun peppy engine, and was amazing what you could haul in these. Would be nice to see the interior in GT :)
This car should be at the top of the list for PD. Premium modelling the EG Civic would bring at least 6 more premiums to the game.

Still a good looker to this day. 👍
Also there are '92, '93 & '95 versions, but they're just duplicates of '91 version. Therefore, I think that '92, '93 and '95 versions should be gone and replaced by a new car.
Just pointing it out, this was the first car I bought in GT6 besides the Fit. Made a bunch of memories in this Civic, so I would love for it to become premium.
The car that changed the modern custom car culture forever. Thwse should have at least been swmi-prwmium like the MX -5s.
Different color palette is what separates all four models; yellow and metallic green do not appear on all models. There could be other exceptions, I don't remember the names of all colors.

Gran Turismo 3 did the best job there by incorporating single model with colors of the entire lineup. People who prefer realism could like the option to buy paint chips of other versions that do not appear on that one model Polyphony would choose.
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