Honda Civic Si (Sixth Generation) 1999

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    The sixth generation Honda Civic Si was only produced in 1999 and 2000 and was the sendoff of the sixth generation civics before the seventh generation stepped in to take it's place. This generation of Honda Civic Si only came in three color schemes. The images featured below are a 1999 Civic Si in B-95P (Rarest OEM paint color).


    Color Code: B-95P
    Electron Blue Pearl (Seen Below)

    Color Code: NH-592P
    Flamenco Black Pri Metallic

    Color Code: R-81
    Milano Red


    Electron1.jpg Electron3.jpg Electron6.jpg Electron7.jpg Electron8.jpg Electron9.jpg Electron10.jpg Electron14.jpg Electron13.jpg Electron12.jpg Electron4.jpg Electron5.jpg

    0-60 MPH (0-96 KMH): 7.1-7.2
    Engine: B16A2 (I4)
    Power: 119 kW / 162 PS / 160 hp
    Weight: 2,612 LBS (1,184 KG)


    "Aesthetic exterior changes from the LX/EX trims were"

    Si trim package featuring a lower-profile and wider 15-inch wheel/tire package
    A subtle chin-spoiler
    Painted side skirts
    SiSi badging

    "While similar to the powerplant in the Del Sol VTEC, the Civic Si saw some notable differences."

    Strengthened connecting rods
    Low-friction/high-silicon pistons
    Fully counterweighted crankshaft
    Improved intake manifold
    Larger throttle body
    Improved intake manifold
    An exhaust system with larger-diameter piping

    "Changes from the standard Civic included"
    Stiffer progressive-rate springs
    Stiffer front and rear anti-roll bars
    And a tower brace

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    My favorite Honda Civic Si model! I have a lot of fond memories of her in Need For Speed Underground Series. VOTED!
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