Host and Compete in a GT Planet Time Attack Challenge (GTPTAC)

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    Hi everyone ! Love Time Attack Challenge (TAC) ? Then you are in the right place !!! Because a fun and interesting GT Planet Time Attack Challenge (GTPTAC) must have rules, we decided to write this thread in order to help you, hosts and/or competitors, to enjoy every minutes being in a challenge and have a great time ! Those rules are a combination of rules we found here :

    - Shigegaki's (father of the GTPlanet TAC ! ) GT Planet Member Time Attack Challenge and GT Planet Worldwide Member Time Attack Challenge Season Two
    - Glubags' GTPlanet Worldwide Time Attack Challenge Season 3
    - GTPlanet OnLine Racing (OLR) Rules & Guidelines - 16: Offline Races -
    - The GTP_Registry Signup / Drivers List / Race Divisions Thread
    - Our passion and love for GTPTAC ! :gtpflag:

    So here it is... hum...hum... :

    All drivers, host and competitors, are expected to make themselves familiar with the GTPTAC rules before entering any race or competition. If you stumble across a rule that is unclear to you, make sure you fully understand that rule before you enter the race or competition. You can post your questions in the therefore dedicated challenge thread on the GTP forum.

    [ ----- Hosts ----- ]

    First of all, hosting a GTPTAC must not be an impulsive choice, as a host, you have to put a lot of thoughts into it and be ready to host it till the end before opening it.

    As a GTPlanet member, you must have participated at least at one GTPTAC as a competitor before hosting your own. A GTPlanet TAC season must not exceed 4 weeks, only 2 TAC events could be hosted at the same time, the hosts must be two different members, there must be at least two different tracks by PSPTAC challenge hosted. If there are already two TAC on, you'll have to tell us by PM so that we can tell you if you have to queue or if you have a go to host next one.

    A. Hosting TAC Ideas

    Because you don’t want to see the competitors get bored by your TAC, you should think about what kind of Challenges you want to propose. Here is a link to the GTPlanet Time Attack Challenge Hosts Ultimate Car Lists where you can find some organized car lists that could help/guide you in your hosting brainstorming process.

    B. Hosting TAC, How does your thread must look like :

    I. Format : In your first message, must be written :

    0. Thread title : "GTPlanet Worldwide Time Attack Challenge : ... "
    1. Cars : in order to let people the time to buy the cars, you must tell the competitors which cars will be needed for the challenges in advance.
    2. Track: the tracks must be announced at least one day before the beginning of the Challenge
    3. Duration of the challenges / event (precise the GMT time you’ll use)
    4. Time submission : how to post save data’s + photo and when (deadline)
    5. Rules
    6. Leader Board
    7. (Price / Award)

    II. In Details

    1. Cars: you must write the exact name as given in the official List of featured cars.
    2. Track: you must write the exact name as given in your psp + indicate if it’s "forward" or "backward".
    3. Duration: when does it start, when does it finish? (Define where you are from GMT time)
    4. Time submission: you have to remind the competitors that they
    - “must post a picture of your Ghost Replay Save Data information screen from the main PSP menu (accessed by choosing Saved Data, then press Triangle on your Ghost Data and choosing Information) showing the Date, Course, Vehicle, Lap Time, Physics used, Tires used, and your GTPlanet username written on a slip of paper. Please see the Season 3 thread for several examples.”
    - “must support your final submitted lap times by uploading the Ghost Replay Save Data of your fastest time for everyone to see. Your time will not count if you fail to upload your replay before the deadline of each challenge. Please refer to this post for instructions (thanks Glubags / BTW, EUR version will have "UCES*****RPLY" prefix instead of "UCUS*****RPLY") on how to locate your Ghost Replay Save Data.” compress it in .zip or .rare format.

    5. Challenge Rules:

    a) Qualify is needed or not?

    b) Duration of the event/challenge(s) (begins/ends)

    - Transmission: either
    - Tires: (depends on the event)
    - TCS : off by default (could allow 1 to 3 max depending on the combo car/track, in that case, have to be specified)
    - ASM : off
    - Active Steering : off
    - Driving Physics : Professional

    No cwf, gameshark or other after market tuning

    d) All in-game quick-tune options must be at their disposal (Press Triangle when selecting your car to add the car to your favourites and tinker with any available settings).

    e) You must remind them that they must not use any cheats or bugs in the game. The use of cheats or bugs affecting the cars performance is forbidden.
    The use of external cheats, i.e. Game Sharks, Action Replays etc. is forbidden. Hydrating the car thanks to Custom Firm Ware or anything else is forbidden.

    f) Clean or Dirty lap :
    - Colliding with or using walls, fences, cones or other obstacle is forbidden. All times submitted must be 100% wall free.
    - Two wheels (except when airborne, where the vertical projection of the car onto the track counts) must be in contact with the tarmac which does not include all green/grassed/sand/gravels areas.
    - Rumble/ripple strips : in a corner, having two wheels on a corner's inside rumble strips and two off track is considered unclean whereas having two wheels on a corner's outside rumble strips and two off track is considered clean.
    Cutting the chicanes at any point is strictly prohibited on all parts of the track.
    - On city courses the track border is the limit of the usable track.
    - Rally tracks are limited only by visible and invisible limits of the track. Anything not touching these hard limits of the track is allowed. An invisible limit is defined here as an obstacle with which the car can collide but which can not be seen. ("Invisible wall")

    NB: If you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it unclean.

    g) Penalty Condition/Time : this is up to you! You're free to add or not a penalty condition/time to those who didn't post their submission time before deadline OR submitted an unclean lap.

    6. Leader Board(s): in your first message, you'll have to write and update each time it's needed in a leaderboard. This ranking could be by points OR combined times (if you need a time calculator software for free, here is where you can find one :
    At least you should write: [position] [competitor] [time/point]. Don't forget the Leader board’s title !

    7. Price / Award : be creative, be respectful !

    [ ----- Competitors ----- ]

    I. In the forums :

    You are expected not to submit to bad general behaviour under all circumstances.
    You are not allowed to use abusive or offensive language (including but not limited to swearing) in any of the forum's messages.
    You are expected to behave like sporting gentlemen at all times.
    The other drivers must always be respected.

    II. On tracks :

    You are expected to compete in a fair and honest manner. With fair and honest is meant according to the GTP TAC rules, not according to your own interpretation of fair and honest.

    Again, all drivers are expected to make themselves familiar with the GTPTAC rules before entering any race or competition. If you stumble across a rule that is unclear to you, make sure you fully understand that rule before you enter the race or competition.

    The competitor is responsible for knowing and keeping to the rules. Penalty of exclusion may be applied if these are knowing broken.

    If you have any questions to do with the rules then ask, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

    PS : These rules are subject to change as there are constant updates/changes, it is your responsibility to update yourself on the changes.

    Happy Racing with GTPlanet :gtpflag:

    akiraacecombat, easyasashii, lbsf1, Shigegaki.
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