Hot Lap Racing for Nintendo Switch & PC thoughts

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Dear racing fans
A while ago, here is what I saw in one of the video game news articles:
Hot Lap Racing announced for Switch, PC - Gematsu

This game appears to be a third-party title, shared in-between Nintendo Switch & PC, in development by Zero Games Studios and going to be published by Just For Games. It only features a handful of licensed cars in it while the two cars, (Ford GT40 & Audi R8 LMP900 class race car), being shown at 0:26, appeared to be generic/not licensed as their respective logo are not shown at all, plus there are not many of the real brands/sponsors featured on the side of the tracks or cars.

The following licensed cars being featured at this moment are:
  • KGM eCup 200 car
  • Mygale F4 gen.2
  • Ligier P217
  • Mygale F3 R
I'm curious to see what the handling model is going to feel like.

Side notes:
  • Not to be confused with Hot Lap League by Ultimate Studio (A TrackMania alternative).
  • I doubt this game is going to be ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X.
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