Hotlaps (Android lap tracker/sharing) Now Has Project Cars Support

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by CerealKiller, Jul 28, 2015.

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    Hi all, just wanted to let folks know that I added support for Project Cars to Hotlaps this past weekend. The app basically is just a place to store all your laptimes for comparison as GT6 was a little weak in this regard. They're stored on a server and you can then view global leaderboards. Originally announced here:

    It's nothing fancy but if you'd like a little more organized way to remember your laptimes and see what others are posting please check it out!
  2. IceMan PJN

    IceMan PJN

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    Cool. Had this app for a long time for FM5 but I was one of like five people that posted times for FM5. I never noticed it updated already. I'll add some times when next I play.
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