How are the driving standards online on console?

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How does everyone find online racing on ACC? Specifically on PS4.

Haven't had ps plus for a long time, basically if I invest on a subscription it would be for this game online.

I was hoping since it's a sim that would keep the rammets away, I don't assume it will be as bad as f1 games online but do you guys find any good racing on public lobbies?
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There is a very nice ratings system on ACC. It makes for some excellent racing, however you have to build your ratings high enough to qualify for the best lobbies.

Most suggest racing in Single Player mode where you can customize your races to fit your needs. This seems to be the fastest way to build your ratings.

Nonetheless no matter what lobbies you enter there will always be a few bad apples and a few pure misjudgements.

In my opinion this is the best and most fair online racing lobbies available on console, once you have your ratings high enough and avoid low level/ratings lobbies.
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The ratings system is on a scale of 0 to 10,000

One thing that has been helping me out is knowing what the colors of each racer's number plate means in online lobbies. When you look at the live timing screen while getting ready for a race you will notice each racer's number plate. A red number equals amateur, grey number equals silver cup driver, and white number indicates pro.

It would appear that amateurs have point ratings between 0 and 7500.

Silver cup drivers have point ratings between 7,500 and 9,000.

Pro rated drivers with the white plates are above 9,000 points.

I have been avoiding lobbies where a majority of the drivers are red number plates. I'm trying to find as many lobbies as I can with all grey and white plates.

Racing in those types of lobbies has provided some quality racing against racers of more common ability to each other.
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I went in to a couple random public servers for the first time today.

I thought the standard was OK, especially given the first race was monza! People were very respectful at the first corner. The second race was Spa, again first corner looked OK, few people lost it through eau rouge but nothing malicious, no dive bombs, weaving etc.
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The vast majority of my races have been super respectful and fun. I have limped around at 30mph with my hazards on try to make it back to the pits. I make a lot of mistakes. But I try to give everyone room. It also depends on the track. Laguna and Silverstone I can hold my own and I've won a few there.
The player count is meh but you will need to get your safety rating up. It's definitely fun. Maybe try a month.
Driving standards and fairness level is much higher than in GTS. Rating is much more complex and accurate. If you join a public server (open lobby) you should pay attention to the minimum requirements for safety rating (SA). If its higher, 40-50 or more, than the lobby should be filled with fair driver.
Competition Races are fair and clean most time. To participate you need a high safety rating of at least 70. But it's not a warranty for fair races. Once I met a crash kid who deliberately rammed me 4 times while the race. He had deliberately waited for me to then ram me.

All in all, it's much more fun to drive against random players online than in GTS.
I'm very impressed with the cleanliness of the drivers so far. Besides one or 2 GT4 cars getting in the way at less than ideal times, and the odd nutcase I have had very little to complain about. It is much much better than anything I've experienced online, even including GT sport, which was an improvement over past racing games, but still dirtier than ACC. We need more players though.
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Overall I think its very good. You get the odd idiot but overall people race fairly. My main bugbear is etiquette with those who are being lapped or have made a mistake and are rejoining the circuit. My experience lapping people is that while most are fair, they see the blue flags and find a good place to move over, a certain amount of people are either oblivious or think you're racing them still. With mistakes and rejoining the track, too often people think that just driving straight back onto the circuit and at any point is just fine, and I've had a number of the 'Stroll and Vettel at Monza' type incidents with other drivers in the Vettel role. On most of these circuits you can find safe places to rejoin that are off the racing line, but I think people get into a panic from making the mistake itself and then are in a rush to get back on track.

I think as time has gone on the starts have got better, I've had a few races at Monza, the most obvious candidate for first corner mayhem, and had very clean starts where everyone is doing their best to keep space and get round.