How can I improve my time - Solution for daily gift bug ? - New to GTSports

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Hello, everyone,

I am new to GTSports from Germany and started playing through the Corona time. I play with the Thrustmaster T150 with the standard pedals. I am 2 to 2.5 seconds slower on each track than the top stars in my region. Any tips where can I still find 1 second on the tracks ? I study the replays from the top stars, but then I am slower than before when I try their line.

I am just as fast with the controller as with the steering wheel. Maybe I'm just a bad steering wheel driver.

Second question. I also have the problem that I don't get any daily gifts. If I create a new account, is all the money gone?

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United Kingdom
I'm not the fastest of all players, but i'm above average in my opinion. My advice would be to try to get on the accelerator earlier whilst using all of the track. Kerbing especially and try extending track limits. Keeping your steering as straight as possible I find also saves time. When braking always trail brake. Some corners on some tracks only need 50% brake pressure or less. But this varies depending on car and group etc. Check out Tidgneys driving school on Youtube for some in depth help. Top bloke and obviously a world tour regular.