How complete is your GT2?

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  1. OK, after completely finishing GT1 (and getting all prize cars) I'm doing the same with GT2. As of now, I finished all the free races, the B License (bronze/silver for now) and the first Japan Nationals race. I played this game before. So where are you in GT2? Do you have 100%/98.2%? All licenses golded? All prize cars? Arcade mode finished? This is like the thread I made in the GT1 forum. Also what are your goas?
  2. I actually restarted GT2 a couple of weeks ago from around 70%. Currently I've won 9 races (the two Italian Cup races, the three MR Cup races, the three Japan cup races and the Apricot Hill 200km enduro). I have all the licences gold, but I only actually did A-5.
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    Well I've been playing this game a lot lately. I'm at 99.08% and I have 2 enduros left, at SSR5 and Grand Valley SPeedway. I nearly have 300 races won (if I don"t lose until I get to 300 wins, then my race amount will be somewhere around 391.) I am so close but I'm starting to lose interest with only 2 races left, with 110 laps combined.
  4. Finished everything for B and A licenses, also got an I-C license.
  5. I've had perhaps a dozen GT2 saves over the years, and have completed every race at one point or another, but I don't think I've ever had more than ~92% done on any one save.
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    I thought you could only get up to 96.2% game percent completed?
    I've got that percentage, anyway.
  7. Not if you have the 1.2 version.

    Finished everything for the IC license as well as the Euro League.
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  8. 100,91% (PAL)
    All gold licences (cars too)
    1.00 win ratio (93%)
    More than 900days in the game
    Around 180 cars in 2 garages
    All arcade cars and tracks (Reverse too)
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    I have v1.2, I have to do the SSR5 and GRVS Endurances.
  10. Viper-Fan


    100% PAL, all gold licences. 97 cars, 600 or so days.
  11. That's all the prize cars, amirite? Because I'm pretty sure there are 97. Anyway, now I completed the pacific league, last FR race, 2nd MR race, last sedan race, 2nd roadster race, and the last 3 80s cars races.
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    Yep, you're correct. However, I sold every prize car acquired apart from the licence cars, Toyota GT-One '98 & the two R390's :)
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    It's 98.20% for v1.0. They fixed this for later games. And for PAL you can get more than 100% because you can switch the language in options and the Opel dealer will switch to Vauxhall (and vice versa), so you have 2 extra dealership races to complete.

    I'm at 98.20% (v1.0), all golds, almost 300 cars in 3 different saves. But I don't think you can ever truly say "I'm finished" with any GT game.
  14. Finished everything for I-B license.
  15. Finished World League, and got a 2000000 cr car (GT ONE).
  16. crooky369


    Just started again and I thought I'd do something different so NO Japanese cars for me until I win all the major championships and ones where you need to use a Japanese car of course.

    The only choice of starting car was a Fiat 500R... 22hp, it's so slow I was 12 seconds behind the leader after the first sector of Tahiti in the Sunday Cup!

    Bought a stage one turbo for 4000 credits after grinding out some money from the Rome Clubman race which takes forever in that car (2:58.1 at Rome first lap) and even after tripling my engines horsepower found I was still too slow for the Sunday Cup....

    So I entered the lightweight race at Seattle short and got my first finish above 6th with a lucky 2nd, so I kept doing that race with mixed results but never got a win. By then I had my eyes on another car an old Ford Mercury Cougar which has over 300hp for only 12,000cr plus a engine with ten times the cubic capacity of my Fiat! (600cc - 6 Litre)

    I finally won a race when I entered the Cougar into the Red Rock Valley Sunday Cup race but I got a little ahead of my self after that when I tried to win the Rome Clubman cup race that I'd been badly humiliated before in my Fiat and could only manage a high of 2nd after a handful of attempts.

    Not sure what my next step is going to be, it's either spend money on the Cougar and try and get rid of the chronic understeer or buy a 1999 Mustang GT (260-280hp) and see how that goes.
  17. Finished everything for IA license except the SSR5 enduro.

    Update: Almost finished Japanese manufacturer events.

    Update: Finished ALL manufacturer events. Now I have 100% since I finished the event generator earlier. Next task: golding the licenses.
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  18. Joker-GTBR


    60%, still going to finish many things

    ...lost forever. Memory card unformatted
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    Me to!!!.I have gold on everything, apart from the Special licenses:nervous:...
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    Didn't you get those high res. tracks at the end? or was that GT1?
  21. Maybe, instead of writing pointless posts over and over again :banghead:, you should move in and start in GT2 Weekly Series?!

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    Maybe you shouldn't steal the game if you're going to lecture people on their conduct?
  23. Gil


    Have finished the game to 100% several times.
    It's the only one I've done to 100%
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  25. I have the Spoon S2000 now but really hate A-4.
  26. Kurumi


    I've completed it, 100%. It wasn't that hard, except for those endurance races. No escudo required.
  27. Got the Concept Car, now on IC-4, isn't as hard as A-4 but still quite difficult.