How is the Match making in sport mode..

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So - ive been off the races for a while, and im wondering why is the match making so weird now. Theres no way to get good grid as even though i have respectable 1:47.135 (top 500 at EMEA) quali in current race B I get matched with blisteringly fast guys and start from 10-15.

How am i supposed to improve my DR if im barely dr A (32k) and get matched with bunch of A+ and S drivers hitting low 1:46... i manage finishing around 5-6th, but thats a small minus to DR already.

Why am i not rather matched higher in the grid with drivers of similar DR? I think DR and SR should be the main matching values with quali time giving the grid position within given DR.
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Matchmaking is all about time of day. It still tries to do the fast group up front, average group in the middle, and slow group out back. I find that depending on your rank, you can end up in anyone of those groups.

As for improving, what I would do is take stock of those who have the same DR as you do. Try to finish ahead of them. Don't worry so much about beating the fastest guys, just finish well. That's also how you'll end up being one of the faster guys :D