How rare is GT 2000 actually?

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Supposedly it's the rarest one off disc of a GT game ever made(the game is basically an Early alpha of GT3 for PS2 with alot of GT2 Hud features on it and a playable race at Seattle).

So I have been doing some research on this topic and on the Wiki for the game it says there is around 50 copies, the game was given out for free at the Playstation festival in 2000 at Tokyo.

First of all the 50 number is implausible considering it was given out to promote the game and only having 50 copies makes it basically irrelevant to make the demo to show off as most people at the festival would have no chance to get the game.

I think a figure of over 1-2k copies is more realistic, however it's been 20 years so likely that number is probably at 20% of that figure at most.
I know this is an old thread, but I figured I'd chime in with my own experience.

I've owned four copies of GT2000 from about 2015-2018, all different copies, all imported directly from Japan during that time period. A couple years ago, I had the chance to pick up eight more copies, though I passed on them. Currently, I know of six more copies for sale right now on one website in Japan alone. That's 18 copies total from my own personal experience.

There are easily more than 50 copies, and the rarity of the game has somewhat been blown out of proportion in my opinion. Some of the lesser known Japanese demos come up much less often than GT2000 has.

If I had to estimate, 500 on the low end, but I feel like 1000 or more is much more likely.
I removed the '50 copies' misinformation from the GT Wikia page a while ago now - I'm not sure what the original source for it was, but it was copied everywhere from there. I'd also guess at the number of copies being in the thousands based on how easy it is to get hold of a copy - it's on the level of something like the GT HD install disc or Prius Trial, and nowhere near as rare as things like the Micra demo or holy grails like the Subaru and Lupo Cup discs.
This only 50 discs saga never really made sense for a public demo you'll get into many hands as possible.