How to beat Darren McNamara's Team Need for Speed Toyota Corolla AE86

Discussion in 'Need For Speed' started by leon0714, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. leon0714


    I really want this bad a s s car, but it is really difficult to beat him, i tried tons of times to getting him out in Europe retro racing, but failed. Which cars should I use? And how can I tune a perfect car in order to beat him? Plz help, give some useful tips
  2. McLaren

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    You'll have to be near perfect through every corner & will probably need a very quick car.

    I had to build up my E30 M3 just to keep up, and he'd still pull away from me on the straights. However, he brakes extremely early & takes corners somewhat slow, so a relatively quick, well handling car should be able to catch up. Unfortunately, the next 2 race (Enna & Zolder, I think) are much quicker, and he will blast away.

    On Enna, he was wrecked so I was able to win through his DNF. On Zolder, I could only catch up on the back half and eventually had to hold him off during the final lap.

    Suzuka, he beat me flat out; I just couldn't keep up once we hit the straights.
  3. Terronium-12

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    I was able to do it without much of a problem with a works R32, but Mc is right - you do need to be consistent through every corner and make sure you get off the line right. Otherwise, you'll be playing catch up and more often than not...the AI will violate you with stupid overtakes and/or PIT maneuvers.
  4. frason

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    I used the same car, worked fine. :)
  5. Starfirebird


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    I used a works Toyota Supra and the only problems i had were with the other cars and not McNamara's.
  6. ashes619

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    Lower the difficulty. That should work.
  7. nizmo_bro


    I used a tuned R32, didn't fully tune it though. Some of the races start you off up front so it is easy to get in front from the start, just try and block him a little from the start and hold the position. He has a hard time passing sometimes, and will end up spinning out if you jump in front of him on the straights, thats what I found at least.

    As for the races where you must catch up to him, try and be a little more aggressive in the turns, even if you need to bump him. You gotta do what you gotta do, haha.
  8. ShortAznGuy


    D-Mac's car will stay the same. Use a car that is more powerful than his but not too powerful. If you use a powerful car, the AI(excluding D-Mac) will use powerful cars that match your car. I would suggest using the R32 with the Renown Tuning setup.
  9. FuriousDemon


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    I've used M3 E36 works converted. Had to give it a few tries but it wasnt so bad.
  10. freedomweasel


    I used your tune for the works 190E and got the win. :tup:
  11. haeyl


    Its not that hard to beat Dmac and claim the AE86, Just find the car with the perfect balance for you, tune it but dont overtune it since it makes it harder to work through the corners and straights in the same balance. Make sure to have NOS and a large turbo installed along with your engine conversion. If your good with your power sliding and tight cornering, a Mazda RX7 D series is a wiser choice(the late model) and my weapon of choice. If you're good in the straights and know to keep up the racing line, Go for an S14 Silvia. Tuning an older car can be cheaper and good on specs but the wight and dynamics alongside the limitations on the mods make it harder to beat him on all 4 rounds.