How to change flag / nationality?

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  1. Hi,

    Does any of you know if it is possible to change the national flag that is showing when racing online?
    -I am tired of people blabbering (typing, that is) on and on just because they accidently are born around here...

    Thanks, J. (old fart)
  2. Counter_Z23


    I don't think you can do that.

    I think you'd need to create a new PSN account to do it...
  3. sk0pe


    Does anyone else wanna have a stab at his nationality? I have one in mind .. But no sorry sir i don't think you can, and until that time then listening to the ignorant people who think a country your born in is who you are is your only option :(
  4. Oh well... Live and learn. Just did that about three weeks ago to be able to play online without my friends from the real world. They are the types that use everybody else as brakes in this game...
    But thanks for the quick answer C_Z23!
  5. Anxyous



    Sorry, couldn't help myself ;)
  6. The problem ain't ignorance, but the missing option to turn off the chat-window online. Around here we are only about 5.5 million, so apparantly when ever "we" meet each other on teh web, there HAVE to be a conversation, but since I'm too old (and grumpy) to understand the whole smiley-lolzroflmao-ocean it would be alot easier to "move" to Zimbabwe or likewise :).
  7. Sssch...
  8. Anxyous


    To be honest, I don't think I've ever encountered another polite Dane on PSN. Once bumped into a party of 5 on Modern Warfare 2, and they didn't seem to have much else to do than talk garbage to me...

    It's almost shameful!
  9. I have met a couple of conversationable (is that a word?) Danes on GT5, and LOTS of "duuuude crazy car, etc etc...". The last ones are whom should not know my nationality. Well, new account again probably.
    Have a nice day.