How to Drive Tokyo R246 in Real Life

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Would you drive the real "Tokyo R246" route if you ever visit Japan?

  1. Yes! Loved that track in GT and would love to give it a go!

  2. Why? It's just a road.....

  3. I'll think about it, it's there no matter if I want to or not.

  1. PikachuRacer11


    United States
    There may of been videos about people who driven a lap around the famous GT Circuit in real life, but not many instructions on how to run it yourself.

    I was exploring Japan via Google Earth and discovered the location of the well-known street circuit seen in GT3 to GT6 that starts on Route 246 in the Shibuya District of Tokyo. I explored the street view and found the route of the fictional street circuit. This is what I can find within limits of the program, but is likely 99% correct (the names of the streets may or may not be exact, as the signs are a bit blurry at times on the program and I am not 100% fluent in Japanese yet). Trying my best to properly give navigation details, below provides the instructions to lead you around "Tokyo R246" in real life.

    Tokyo R246 "Fictional" Street Circuit Navigation Instructions:
    1) Start at Aoyama-Dori [R246] (Track's starting line was next to the 7-Eleven "Seven&i Holdings" Convenience Shop building)
    2) Take a Left at the [R414] intersection
    3) At the one-way intersection next to a softball park, Turn Left to continue down the [R414]
    4) Keep Right at the "Sendagaya/Shinanomatchi" intersection, to continue down the [R414]
    5) At the following intersection, continue Right at the sign to continue down the [R414]
    6) From the next intersection, Take a Left at the sign & go straight across the immediately-following [R319] intersection, to continue down [R414]
    7) Take a Right on the intersection with two signs that say "Shinjuku City" and "Gakushuin Shotoka", to continue down the [R414].
    8) Turn Right at a sign that says "Wakaba E.", to enter Sotobori-Dori [R405]
    9) Continue Right until you pass under the bridge, then Turn Right at the intersection to return to Aoyama-Dori [R246]

    Maybe if I visit Japan someday, I'll try taking on a proper lap of R246 (within Japan's Driving laws, of course).

    Google maps vicinity where R246 is located:,139.7253857,1420a,35y,44.54t/data=!3m1!1e3
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  2. Savolainen83


    Went to Tokyo in 2017, and walked the perimeter of the track while taking pictures and a few short videos. Took about 2-3 hours if I remember correctly.

    Was really suprised how much trees and greenery the area contains. Don't know if the time of year I was there had anything to do with it or not.

    Also planning a new trip for next year, and solely on Tokyo, so I have a mission to go there again and look around at a more relaxed pace.

    Also have some small plans to visit few of the recent Scapes locations if I find them. Mori Tower skydeck at least.

    But yes, I would love to be able to drive the roads myself, but even the walking will do.

    Also the "main straight" contained many premium car dealerships, including McLaren, Alpina BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari and of course Honda.
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  3. GTvsForza

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    I like the idea of walking/driving along the layout of city circuits. I'd like to see how different they are compared to their videogame counterparts.
  4. Savolainen83


    Here's a few pics I took on the trip.

    P8230055.JPG P8230056.JPG P8230057.JPG P8230058.JPG P8230059.JPG P8230075.JPG P8230083.JPG P8230088.JPG P8230090.JPG P8230091.JPG P8230092.JPG

    As you can see, the pics only show part of the main straight, the first corner with the Royal Garden Cafe, the following straight, and the lefthader going towards the now demolished Olympic Stadion.

    I did take more then those pictures but it might be easier if I used some imagehosting website show the rest instead of filling my posts with uploaded pictures. I think.
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  5. Liquid

    Liquid Premium

    It's neat that you can get around it in real life somewhat but this was a horrible track and one of the very worst in any Gran Turismo game.
  6. Savolainen83


    Horrible? Why? Is it the layout thats bothering you or the scenery/location?

    I find the track itself quite nice to drive on and hope that it makes a return at some point in time with better/updated graphics and scenery.
  7. Latvija27


    The roads look perfect to drive on!
  8. polysmut

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  9. Touring Mars

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    I’m in Tokyo right now and I visited R246 the other night after work - I walked from the top of the oval section to the intersection at the Royal Garden Cafe - I wanted to walk more of the ‘circuit’ but it was dark so it didn’t seem worth it since I couldn’t take any pictures - sadly, my plan to return during the day probably won’t happen as I only have two more days in Tokyo and there are still so many things I would like to see - and my feet hurt!

    I liked R246 as a circuit in the game, and it was great fun to visit the place for real - crossing the road on foot at the tight left hander (in the 8th picture above) was fun... remembering how many times I’ve stacked it into the wall there, I reckon I should have left a plaque there in memory of so many failed hot laps. I had dinner in a tiny restaurant at the end of the main straight (pic 6 above), and walked a bit of the main road (towards Aoyoma-Itchome subway station) where there are a number of car showrooms inc. Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin - alas I didn’t have enough Cr. to buy any of those :(
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  10. Sureboss

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    @Touring Mars But more importantly, did you see @daan winning a race there in real life? Cos he never stops winning there.
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  11. GTPVenomZombie


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  12. Savolainen83


    Since the Nürb 24h thread is so quiet at the moment, might aswell post some more pictures to this thread.

    First up, pictures of the car dealerships that were lining the main straight:
    P8230051.JPG P8230051.JPG P8230053.JPG P8230054.JPG P8230062.JPG P8230051.JPG P8230053.JPG P8230054.JPG P8230062.JPG P8230066.JPG P8230068.JPG P8230069.JPG P8230070.JPG P8230071.JPG P8230072.JPG P8230073.JPG P8230074.JPG P8230076.JPG P8230077.JPG P8230159.JPG P8230160.JPG P8230161.JPG P8230162.JPG P8230163.JPG
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  13. Savolainen83


    Heres some more, this time more of the track itself.

    Sorry about the last few pictures for being dark.
    I spent so long there but arrived so late that the sun managed to set before I completed the full lap.

    And sorry about posting twice in a row mods, but I hope its not considered as a double post since I left enough time between posts.

    P8230098.JPG P8230100.JPG P8230101.JPG P8230102.JPG P8230103.JPG P8230105.JPG P8230106.JPG P8230108.JPG P8230109.JPG P8230110.JPG P8230111.JPG P8230112.JPG P8230113.JPG P8230114.JPG P8230115.JPG P8230116.JPG P8230117.JPG P8230121.JPG P8230122.JPG P8230123.JPG P8230125.JPG P8230126.JPG P8230127.JPG P8230128.JPG P8230134.JPG P8230135.JPG P8230136.JPG P8230137.JPG P8230141.JPG P8230142.JPG P8230145.JPG P8230146.JPG P8230148.JPG P8230149.JPG

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