How to fill a random lobby?


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Long Island, New York
Sport Mode is a waste of time for serious clean racing. Sometimes I try to set up an open lobby with a theme or description in the title but it rarely goes anywhere. What types of lobbies usually gather large crowds?

I had an idea to grab the interest of a wider selection of people. How about naming the lobby "Gr.3 Tuned & Gr.4 Stock - Multi-Class Clean Fun". That way if people want to tune they can and if they don't there's something for them too. Just some quick 10-15 minute races for fun, y'know?
Hi 1st off all i like your name xD
And 2nd i feel your pain i get host lobby my self allot but usually get like 4-5 peeps max they leave either because of me being to good xD or if they crash because they Fffed up T1 or other incidents or they think their gt sport gods and blame every one els yet they have all assist on xD and you have those who wil look up your stats and if its to high they wont race u and to your question it really depends on what time youre playing and how many people are in the lobby or what class and track multi class sounds fun ?! Ik down doe what ever tough


It’s hard to fill random pop up lobbies unless you’re a popular you tuber it seems, they’re the only ones I ever see that fill up quickly anytime they pop up.
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The fullest lobbies I’ve had are usually using N200-300 cars. There’s always tones of GR3/4 lobbies, there’s a better variety of cars available in the lower N category’s.