How To: Fix erratic pedal travel and dragging brakes (DFGT)

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    1) Erratic Travel - Pedal input signal is not stable and modulating the pedals is useless.
    2) Dragging Brakes - Brakes engage without even touching the pedal and sometimes pulling the pedal up with the top of your foot helps but it gets annoying.
    3) Horrible Lap Times - Because everything can be blamed for this.

    How to fix it:

    First step is to get your pedal set and turn it up side down. Once you have it there you can see the nine (9) screws that need to be removed for the cover to be taken off. (Angle of the picture hides a single screw that is right in the center of the cover)


    After you have removed the cover you are left with this. If you'd like to upgrade or modify your pedal springs, now is a good time to pull out the pedals. From here, the left side is the go pedal and the right side is the stop pedal.


    Now we're at the part where the fun actually begins. Remember that you can go about this any way you like. The goal is simply to open up the sensors and clean them though. I went with the route that required less work...

    First of all, locate the sensors. They are these little things with a white plastic gear next to the pedals.


    To take them off you only really need to removes the screw that holds them into the pedal housing. It's best if you take both of them out and just remember where they go. The good thing is that the wire colors are different so it could be just as simple as writing down the colors and labeling them go and stop pedals.

    The next step after you have removed both sensors from the pedal housing is to start tearing them down. First thing that needs to be removed is the chromed fastener at the end of the white plastic gear. You can remove it using a small flathead combined with a lot of patience. Excuse the dirty hands. I've been doing a lot of real life Gran Turismo stuff lately...


    Once you get it off, place it in a secure place where it won't be lost. Then proceed to unhooking the spring from the base and you can finally remove the plastic gear. After all that, you should be left with something like this.


    Sadly, this is where my writup must end because I was not able to open them up completely. My hands are simply too dirty to even be trying. But, it's not the end of the world. There is a good video that I had watched that I used to learn how to take these CRAPpers apart.

    After you are done with removing the sensor's cover, you can clean up the contact points using an alcohol cloth or something similar with minimal residue to get all of the gunk off of it. When you are done, simply put everything back together, bend the tabs back in, etc, etc...

    Also, I see that a lot of people are having trouble getting their covers back on. Simply wiggle them into place, although they won't go all the way down, and then screw in the thing in a crossing pattern. If you do it like this, the cover will seat itself and you don't have to hold it down yourself. ;)

    Enjoy crisp pedal travel and no more dragging brakes!
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