How To Get Exhaust Flames in Race Photos (GT7)

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Recently I uploaded a guide on how to get exhaust flames in your race photos on GT7. Seems like a lot of people were having trouble getting them so here's how I do it.
Youtube video:
If you prefer to read, I also describe it below:
-You can either perform one of the constant exhaust flame bugs, or just use the antilag on a turbo car in a race. Drive by the spot on the track where you want to shoot the photo and activate the flames. I found a rapid fire/constant flame glitch in GT7 a few months back so here's the tutorial if you are interested (requires a clutch and shifter):
-Next make sure you have ray tracing mode on. You want the game to be in 30fps for this next part otherwise it will not work.
-Next just simply play/pause the game when the flames are active during the replay. It's usually a 50/50 chance the flames will generate in the correct spot right out of the exhaust pipes, but sometimes they will still generate ahead of it, often times making it look like the diff caught on fire lol. Keep in mind that going frame by frame will remove the flames entirely.

So there you have it, how to get proper exhaust flames in photos. Hope this helps y'all out!


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If you get off the throttle then do a quick tap of the parking brake then hit the throttle again you get flames.