HOW-TO Submit Your Gran Turismo Suggestions

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GTPlanet's Suggestions forums are here to let the community share, discuss, and vote on what they'd like to see in Gran Turismo games in the future. We have dedicated boards for different types of suggestions:
How It Works

In each forum, each suggestion is placed into its own "thread" or topic. By default, these topics are sorted by the order of which they were created or last replied to. However, you can also view these suggestions by the order of votes, or "Likes", they have received. The number of "Likes" each suggestion has received will be displayed in the forum as a number, highlighted in green, to show its popularity.

Voting On Suggestions

To vote for a suggestion and support it, "Like" the first post in its relevant thread. A special reminder will be displayed immediately above the appropriate like button in the thread.

You can "like" and "un-like" any suggestions you want; there are no limitations. However, voting for everything will make your opinion less important, and will ultimately make it more difficult for the suggestions you really want to stand out from the crowd to get the attention of the game's decision makers.

Share Your Suggestions

Everyone is welcome to submit their own suggestions. However, there is a good chance it may have already been suggested before. Please use the "Search" form, found in the top left of every page on GTPlanet, to search for terms which are relevant to your suggestion. If you find it, "Like" it to support it. Do not create another new thread.

If no similar suggestions are found, you may continue to create a new thread, using the green "Post New Thread" button in the relevant category.

We want our suggestions database to be organized and useful to the developers in charge of the Gran Turismo series, so we require everyone to follow these guidelines when submitting new suggestions:
  • Car suggestions should be formatted as per the instructions in this thread, but should include as a minimum the MAKE, MODEL and four-digit YEAR, in that order.
  • Generic suggestions, negative comments, complaints, and questions are prohibited. Here's a few examples of suggestion titles which will not be permitted:
    • "More of _____"
    • "Less of _____"
    • "I'm tired of _____"
    • "Why can't we have _____?"
    • "Bring back _____"
  • Photos and videos of your suggestions are encouraged. To find appropriate content, try Google Image Search and YouTube. You can also upload photos to GTPlanet using the "Upload a File" button or just copy-and-paste them directly into your post.
  • "Bumping" a suggestion, or adding a comment to its thread for the sole purpose of bringing it to the top of the suggestion forum, is prohibited. New comments must add some form of value (more pictures, videos, information, etc.) or be relevant to the ongoing discussion.
Suggestions which don't follow these guidelines will be closed, merged, and/or deleted by our moderation staff as necessary. Please use the "Report" link, displayed above each post in the forum, to privately notify moderators of suggestions which you feel may need attention.

"Why was my suggestion thread closed?"

If your thread does not comply with these rules, typically because it involves more than one single car, feature, or track, it will be closed by a moderator and no further "likes" may be cast for it. You are welcome to create another new suggestion thread based on your closed topic, but it must follow the rules. Repeatedly ignoring these rules may result in the closure of your GTPlanet account.


Please direct any questions to GTPlanet's Site Support forum.


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Re-emphasis: Individual cars/tracks/features for each post only!

You may not make batch posts with more than one car/track/feature or wishlists.

Tracks or Speedways with multiple layouts or circuits are ok, but do not post multiple independent venues.

If you somehow do have a unique series of cars that haven't already been posted, post each car in its own thread.

Thank you.
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