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  1. Tommy_79


    hello everyone

    ist possible to have e brake for my ps4? and how much is cost.
    my gear:

    Playstation 4 (no PC)
    Playseat standard sim
    logitech g29 with shifter

    most of e brake i found on ebay/amazon is for PC.

    if you recommend something that fits with all my above mentioned setup pls share the link, with price
  2. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

    it looks like thrustmaster has 1 that will need their thrustmaster wheel for GT Sport..
    I'm not sure if you know that you can use a dualshock input while controlling the car with your wheel, so you can build a cheap system to kind of resemble a handbrake. I know it might not be what you're after, but pointing it out just in case, it does the job after all.
  3. Tommy_79



    you again Lol

    and hows that mate! you mean to keep the controller next to me, once i need to use handbrake while driving with g29 i con press O !? well that's a good idea actually, ill keep that in mind. plus i think the handbrake for TM not fit to my g29, or will cost me same as my steering wheel lool add me (bill coz) my psn is Rimi-777
  4. bil coz

    bil coz (Banned)

    This subforum is sadly not very lively, so just posting a message a day and its gonna seem like you're everywhere. But hopefully this will change, and it's good that you're on here, we got started off a misunderstanding..
    Yep the idea is to make something that will hold the controller in place next to the wheel on the table, (if you got a nice wheel stand it won't be that easy) then use L2/R2 as the handbrake. you could attach something like a plastic spoon to the trigger until you get something nice.
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  5. Tommy_79


    yes my friend, it was a hell misunderstanding
    anyway no problem an im glad that someone reply me back,
    thank you and i will try your great idea, hope it works just fine, (i have playseat, so i think i could mount the controller somewhere close enough
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  6. Paul_BNR32


    i use an the old brake/clutch/gas - i just forgot it from my g25. i put it first on R2 ( for assetto corsa) - and a big **** you to the maker of assetto.
    on release was handbrake R2. and you cant change the buttons.
    a few months later they changed handbrake to L2.

    many hours for build the off of and build cabel from R2 to L2.

    but it works great, but not with the poti??.

    on DIY clips on youtube it looks easy, but it wasnt so easy.
    i cant explain everything, because my english is really bad


    be careful with the button for change PS3 or PS4. i never heard something about it on youtube wen you build the handbrake.
    so mine is broken, but with a needle it works