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    ‘Ello all. TheTwinturboman here, shortened to TTM like how Toyota Team Europe is TTE. I need an avitar like that sometime.
    I know for a fact I had a previous account on here that went by Koifishy01, (also my PSN, feel free to add.) but I can’t really seem to find it. Ah well, I don’t care anyways. I only made a few cringeworthy posts on there anyhow. New face, new me!
    Funny thing is I’ve been visiting gtplanet since GT5 Prologue days, mostly for Gran Turismo news.
    So, who am I?
    I am Jordan, long time GT player since ps1 and currently enjoying GT sport and have been since the closed beta with my sweet wheel. I’m really enjoying this change in Gran Turismo and am having fun with the super srs sport races.
    Also a massive sega buff, have dreamcast and genesis, and love a lot of the game series. I bought this ps4 mainly for yakuza, and also gt sport of course. I like racing, action adventure, rpgs, and shooters.
    Some of my fav series besides the listed ones are Shenmue, Project Gotham Racing, Animal Crossing, Mortal Kombat, simbin stuff, colin mcrae rally, final fantasy, chrono trigger, streets of rage, virtua fighter, smash bros, soul calibur, maximum tune, initial d, tokyo xtreme racer, ninja gaiden, devil may cry, metal gear, and dark souls.
    Too many series, hah!
    That’s all for now. If you wanna get to know me or wanna know something else about me, just say the word.
    I’ll zoom around.
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    'Ello you.

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    Thank you!