I bet Mine's can Beat Yours! Or Will It? Find Out in the 2nd Bout!

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    Ok for those of you new to this thread but not familiar with the Part 1 thread it pretty much went like this, Mine's GT-R posted a faster track time at Grand Valley East and a faster Vegas 0-400M run, while my SRinc.'s GT-R managed to pull off a faster 0-1000M time, 0'.15.997 @ 236 mph and a top speed of a vibrant 276 mph. so end result mine lost to Mine's. as a tuner with more pride than reason in some particular cases couldnt let it stand with Mine's getting one up on me. So i went to Nissan and bought an all new Silica Breath Metallic R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur and fitted it with the '87 Buick GNX stock rims and 3D Type DB wing, but yea you know the one that gets 911 hp. i tuned my car and afterwards went out and bought my fourth Mine's GT-R and tuned it as precisely close to my new R34. so with the scoreboard at Mine's 1, SRinc. 0, and the cars tuned and breathing battle octane and revenge spewing about it was like a new rivalry was born and the two Beasts went racing. so your probably wondering who's the numbers going to favor this time mine, or Mine's again. Well like last time numbers dont lie and you'll see why...

    Grand Valley Speedway East Lap Times
    Mine's: 0'57.738
    SRinc.: 0'54.534*

    0-400M Times & Speeds
    Mine's: 0'08.963 @ 169 mph
    SRinc.: 0'08.564 @ 179 mph*

    0-1000M Times & Speeds
    Mine's: 0'15.616 @ 224 mph
    SRinc.: 0'15.115 @ 215 mph*

    The Specs

    Mine's R34 GT-R N1 V-Spec
    Power: 855 hp
    Weight: 2863 lbs

    SRinc. R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur
    Power: 911 hp
    Weight: 2852 lbs
    Wing: Type DB

    The Conclusion
    This time around it was a land slide. now before any one goes off thinking it was rigged this way it wasnt. the two Skylines, like last time around, have the same suspension set-up, and similar trannies, with the numbers being off but the 'curve' identical. the set-up just worked better on the SRinc. GT-R this time. could it be the help of the down force being applied by the spoiler, or the 56 hp diff, or the 11 lbs. weight diff? i cant say for sure. but the SRinc. machine performed and did a great job all around. Mine's, is great thru gears 1-3, and moves quick and gingerly, now downshifts in Mine's R was draining it felt like the gears would never end quick enough upon entry on corners, thus having to apply more break to get the mph's lower. it made for slower track runs. now for the 0-400M and 1000M, mine beat Mine's, but Mine's also swept the original Skylines used in the first bout. so who wins, i think it was clear enough. guess i can say mine can beat Mine's after all, question is can yours beat mine?
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    This is a good premise for a test and we all appreciate the effort you put in, however i do have a few critiques that might affect the outcome of this test.
    First i'll assume the purpose of the test is to see if you can tune a R34 to be better than the top Mine's Skyline. If that's the case, i don't think both cars having the same suspension setup is a good idea. Even though they both might handle "well", one setup will always suit one car more than the other. Since you already said you couldn't let the previous test result stand, i will assume you practised more with your car. I will also assume that the one setup you used for both cars was originally for the SRinc R34. That biases the test. Each car is different, they deserve their own setups. This critique also goes for the tranny. P.S. Try to get the HP closer together. That might mean detuning one or both cars.
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    that is something that was considered yes. now the 1st test wasn't to see if i could pull off faster times and out perform a Mine's Skyline. it was to see if one of my own tuned GT-R's could actually hang and run with a Mine's. now the hp diff though large by some eyes didn't make it unfair the first time around nor in this one. the way i see it a Mine's RB26DETT is a better RB26DETT than a stock Nissan version of the engine because it's tuned by aftermarket company already. thats the whole reason we'd spend 200,000 Cr. on a Mine's GT-R than a 55,000 Cr. GT-R from Nissan. have you noticed the peaky 10,000 RPM limit on the Mine's vs. 9000 on the regular R34's? the two motors stock are different. one was made as a stock platform the other a stock but tuned power plant tuned to their tuning criteria that being Mine's. see that's where the entire thing comes about at can my SRinc. tuned Mine's GT-R beat one of my GT-R's? it's a battle between one tuner and and tuning company. the reason the suspension and tranny are dialed in relatively close is so the two handle and respond the same thru gears. when you kinda look at it Mine's GT-R should be considered the 'better' car because it uses less HP and has been proven to beat a 911 hp car and can out run one too with its 855 hp. now i didn't 'practice' or spend more time with one car because it took equal time with the two to get them as close as possible Mine's GT-R though did see more track time on Laguna Seca there was a ghost i was dying to beat and did finally when i was ready to call a quits. to really see if a one of my Skylines can beat a Mine's i wouldn't detune either car, no. see i would build a stock GT-R again with the peak hp at or around Mine's 591 hp. the race would have to be a stock Mine's vs a 580-595 hp GT-R with the same level Weight Reduction and other pre-purchased or applied tuner parts fitted on a Mine's. i do appreciate the feedback, check out some of my other threads floating about.