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    I know I am late to the show but I honestly love GT5 ! Anyway, I am wondering if you have to have a different account online to play GT6 ? And is there offline play with GT6 ? I have not even loaded it yet. is there anything that will merge from 5 to 6 ? and last but not least. I am wondering if there is a GT game for my PS4 yet ? Thanks guys and Happy New Year !
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    Welcome to :gtplanet:!

    You will not need a different PSN account to use GT6's online features. There is an offline career mode in GT6, but many say GT5's career was more diverse, and better overall. Arcade mode is also in GT6, like other GT games.

    There are no GT game released for the PS4 at this moment, but Gran Turismo Sport is projected to come out sometime in 2017. More info about GT Sport can be found here:https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/board/gran-turismo-sport/

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    I agree with Turbo - I just add: I loved GT5 also, but GT6 adds a lot of extra cars and some extra tracks. The great extra tracks include Willow Springs, Mount Panorama (Bathurst Australia), Midfield and historic versions of Brands Hatch and Brands Hatch Indy. I'm a big fan of classic road and historic race cars and GT6 adds some really great cars such as : Ferrari 250 GT and 250 GTO, Shelby GT350, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe and probably my favourite cars to drive in the game - the Renault 8 Gordini and Ford GT40.

    The career mode is not that great, especially the Historic career - a ton of great classic cars, but very few events for them, but this game really comes alive when you start racing online against friends. Check out the online racing section of GT Planet - there are many different clubs and leagues which would welcome you as a member and nothing beats racing against clean driving, considerate and enthusiastic people.

    There isn't a GT game on PS4 yet and it looks like GTS is heading in a very niche direction with limited appeal. I am still playing GT6 regularly, but I got a PS4 and Project Cars for Christmas and have been blown away by the sounds, visuals and range of tracks - I now know what I am missing when I play GT6!

    If you enjoyed GT5 you should also really enjoy GT6 - the only real down side is that there will be a lot of updates to install before you can enjoy the game - I hope these go well for you and you enjoy the game.
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    For me, the fun of GT ended after GT5 and the end of the Market Place. Sure, GT6 added new stuff and such, but I really miss being able to trade cars and such in GT5. I was just never able to get into GT6 like I did with 5. Anyways, good luck with GT6 and hope you find a way to enjoy it.
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    I bought GT6 on pre-order just over 3 years ago when it first came out. I'd never raced online before that but once I did, I realised it was the most rewarding way to play.
    The career mode, offline, is definitely limited but can still be rewarding if it suits your taste.
    There is absolutely no need at all to set up any new accounts if you already have one on PSN.

    As @Sick Cylinder said, if you are going to play online there will be an update process to go through first. That can be tiresome if you run into problems but the best methods are documented on this site.
    Hopefully a search will help you if you have that kind of issue. :tup:
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    I would say that overall, GT5 was a better game than GT6. My reason for this is the in depth single player and the ability to win many cars after winning championships. In GT5 the B-Spec was also more in depth as you were able to have multiple drivers and level them up. They also had tire wear and damage in arcade mode as extra options meaning that I could do wet to dry or dry to wet transition races with the AI, in addition endurance races were a lot longer in single player. They are only 24 minutes at max in GT6 compared to GT5's at least 1 hour Endurances. Overall though I would say GT3 or GT4 are the best of the series. GT3 had very good quality in terms of car detail and sounds along with GT4 as well but that game added quantity. GT6 lacks the soul and quality of the previous games and is missing key features like being able to upload replays straight to YouTube and getting multiple B-Spec drivers and levelling them up.
    Online was better in GT5 as you could borrow a friend's car and level up your drivers faster by doing custom races against your friend's B-Spec Drivers. GT6 not being good is the reason why I bought an Xbox One instead of PS4, although I may get one depending on how good GT Sport is. I do occasionally come back to my PS3 to play GT6 but I mostly choose to play Forza and GT4 and GT3 on emulators on my PC. Forza has key features that GT needs such as livery editing and an auction house as well as Special Edition exclusive cars like the Horizon Editions.

    I am not saying GT is bad but they need to do some serious improvements to keep up with the competition.
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    This post makes me want to break out GT5 from its box again. :tup:

    I just wish I hadn't missed GT5 during the live online days...:( I wound up getting the game in early 2013 well after it had been released.
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    Ok, so is there any tricks to getting all the upgrades ? It keeps stalling out on 1/13 ! I am not sure what to do now. Is there a trick to this ?
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    The simple trick is.... wait. :scared:

    Most of the updates include new cars and events, one even includes Mid-Field itself, so they'll take a long time per update to download and install. So start the download, then go do something else all day while you wait. It may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your internet. My advice would be download a few now, then play it a bit, then download some more later, then some even later....

    That's what I did and it worked out okay :D
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    Welcome to 6!

    When you're done with the updates, make sure you stop by the course maker forum, there are a lot of great creations over there :)

    As for offline content, I don't think it's actually smaller than in GT5. There are probably fewer events, but there is more variation because in addition to the career races there are:
    • Mission races (25 events)
    • Red Bull events (17 events)
    • Goodwood hillclimb (15 events)
    • Coffee break challenges (10 events)
    • One make races (10 events)
    • Senna tribute (4 events)
    • Sierra Time Rally (4 events)
    • Lunar exploration (3 events)
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    Stampy - when you have finished downloading all the updates make sure you try some of Eran0004's custom tracks - he is too modest to say this, but his creations have won GTPlanet's track of the week on multiple occasions - he has created many brilliant tracks. The course creator was a long time coming to GT6 - but just that feature alone in my view makes it a far more enjoyable game than GT5 - there are so many great custom tracks made by talented people. There are also a lot of really bad ones so my advice is try ones made by people who have won GTPlanet Track of the week. The performance of the AI drivers also seems more competitive on the custom tracks - you may need to drop a tyre grade or two, depending on your ability level, but arcade mode on custom tracks can be great fun!
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  13. Auto Gaming

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    IMHO, both GT5 and GT6 have their strong points and flaws.
    They compensate each other!
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    Somewhere around this site you will find reference to a money glitch someone discovered early on after the GT6 release.
    Many here were unhappy with the playstation store price for credits being sold to buy in game vehicles. I myself never did the glitch but afterwards wish I had. You have to do the save game to a usb stick process before update then update buy cars restore sell cars update or something like that to make millions of credits and get all the best cars without grinding. I think though if you don't save the game before you update you won't be able to go back and do it. Should be easy to research if you're interested in avoiding the grind.
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    The money glitch does not work anymore.
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    Not that you even need it. You can get nearly 4.2m credits just from this fortnight's three Seasonals.
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