XBOne I made a top down arcade rally game for the Xbox, I tried something different with the controls...

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  1. Grant U. Rismo

    Grant U. Rismo


    I made the controls super easy. I wanted a game that my dad could even play. Just point the left analog stick to where you want to go and press gas. (I haven't played every top down racer out there so I'd love if someone could let me know if others do it as well.)

    But I made the game pretty challenging. You're dealing with the car's traction and inertia. You'll have to learn the tracks (which take 4-6 minutes to finish) and you have to keep hitting the checkpoints to keep going. For a while, I thought I made the game too hard and feedback from in-person tests told me to make it easier (they called it the "Dark Souls of racing"). BUT, hardcore racers playing it around the World (half the people playing it are from the UK) are able to beat the tracks.

    You can download the game for free fully unlocked and the trial lasts 24 hours, so feel free to give it a spin and let me know what you think! Also, let me know of what you think about the pricing. I'm trying to keep the price as low as playing an arcade game that was $1 a pop. Since I have 3 tracks I figured $3 USD was fair.

    When you turn on your Xbox, press Y to search and search for "Omega Rally Championship" to try it.

    If you don't own an Xbox and want to see how it looks like you can check out the trailer for it here:

    I'd really, really like to create more affordable arcade style games. I'd love the next project to be a Virtua Racing clone, and I'd like to also make a "Mode 7" racer a la F-Zero. But judging from sales, that isn't likely because I think these are really niche products. We'll see!
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    Really nice mate. Gameplay looks interesting, and kinda 'simple but hard'. You can work on the presentation a bit more too, especially the fonts.